10 warning signs that you have a sick dog

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Description: Most families nowadays have dogs. At times, dogs even eat the same food as humans and dogs are good companions. However, to look after them properly we have to learn what our dogs are telling us. There are signs that a sick dog will give to us and it’s our responsibility to ensure he or she gets treated before it is too late.

There are several signs that imply that an animal is sick. For instance, if an animal looks weak, he might be sick. Also, anyone having dogs should register with a qualified veterinarian who knows how to treat a sick dog.

How to know that you have a sick dog

1. Loss of appetite 

It is not normal for any animal to skip meals. Pet owners will get to know the what is normal for their furry companion, but it is also important to know what to feed a sick dog with no appetite and it is important to know when a trip to the vet is needed.

2. Thirst

Drinking a lot of water could be an indicator of a kidney problem or diabetes. Also, when the dog urinates a lot, it implies that your dog could be sick.

3. Dry or rough coat 

The coat of a dog is supposed to be soft, shiny and thick. If it looks dull, dry and rough or contains hairless spots, it’s a sure sign that your dog needs treatment. This may be an allergy or a skin problem. Skin conditions could also be caused by fleas and ticks.

4. Tiredness

If a dog looks tired or as no interest in engaging in exercises, for instance, those suggested by Max Polyakov FireFly, then he or she could be sick.

5. Vomiting

You must visit a veterinarian immediately if an animal vomits too often or has a fever. Too much vomiting will cause dehydration or diarrhea.

6. Strange stool

The animal stool is the main sign of their general wellness. Animals that are not sick have firm, moist stools. The sick animals may have hard stool which could be due to dehydration, health maladies or diet issues. In addition, if an animal is straining or has diarrheas for over a day or has worms, mucus or blood in its stool, call a vet as soon as possible.

7. Losing weight

Even if an animal is overweight, if it losses weight all of a sudden, that could be a sign that your dog is ill. Weight loss is a serious sign of a sick dog.

8. Red or cloudy eyes

Red or cloudy eyes, too much discharge from the eyes or squinting are the indicators of injury or infection.

9. Dragging or scooting rear

If the pet is dragging or scooting its rear, then it could be having worms, infected or blocked anal glands, diarrhea or urinary tract disease.

10. Whining or shaking

Shaking or whining is brought about by pain. Take the sick dog to a veterinarian immediately.


Dog owners are required to be observant and aware of every change that occurs in their dogs. They must also know what to do when dog is sick. Kindly write to us if you have any question or suggestion regarding this topic.

Author’s bio: Rachel is an outstanding individual who has written a variety of informative articles. Most of the topics she covers are about animals. She actually likes pets, especially dogs and is highly experienced in taking care of them. Besides writing, she likes traveling and making new friends.


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  1. fitoru says:

    Thanks for the insights. This article is very helpful.

  2. You caught my attention when you talked about tiredness as a sign that a dog may be sick. Usually, my pet dog is extremely active and loves to play around during the morning, but he’s since refused to play or even walk around. I’ll take him to the local veterinarian so I can figure out what’s causing this as soon as possible.

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