28th August is Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

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Pets enrich our lives in so many ways. Each pet will have a special place in your heart. However, if, like me, you’ve had pets all of your life, you will know that there is always one that stands out from the rest. Maybe your special pet was your first pet or a pet that helped you through a difficult time.

Dog nearing the Rainbow Bridge

Losing such an important family member can leave us with a profound feeling of loss and sadness. It can take months, if not longer, to learn how to live with the new reality the loss of a beloved pet has created.

This is why I think Rainbow Remembrance Day is important. It provides an opportunity to take a few moments to think of those pets we have lost.

How to celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

There are several ways you commemorate departed pets on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day.

Create an online tribute

At CPC we offer all pet owners an online tribute service. Visitors can upload a favourite photograph of their pet and write a special message which will remain on the CPCCares website.

We will also share your online tribute on the CPCCares Facebook page where other bereaved pet owners can offer their condolences.

Create a picture book

photo album

Digital photography has made it so easy and relatively inexpensive to take 100s or even 1000s of pictures. To celebrate the life of your pet, why not take an afternoon to dig out your favourite pet photographs and use them to create a photo album.

You can either have a selection of photos printed traditionally and then enter these pictures into a photo album or you can use an online album design service and create a bespoke photo album with the images printed directly onto the page.

Design a page for our Book of Remembrance

At each of our crematoria, we have a Book of Remembrance where owners can design a page to commemorate a pet they have lost. Simply download a page template from our information on the Book of Remembrance.

You can then post a tribute to the relevant crematoria. They will add your message to the Book of Remembrance.

Make a memorial at a favourite spot

Did your pet have a favourite spot where they’d like to sleep or play? Indoors or outdoors we have a range of pet memorial items you can choose from to create a lasting tribute to a departed pet.

Keep your pet close

Token ash jewellery

If you had your pet cremated and you have their ashes you can keep your pet close to you in our discreet ash jewellery. Our pendants and charms can hold a token amount of ash – an ideal way of keeping your pet close.

Please share any ideas or plans on how you will celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day?

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