5 DIY Pet Treats for National Picnic Week

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Treat your furry friends to some good old-fashioned home baking this week with 5 DIY Homemade Pet Treats you can make. Celebrate National Picnic Week in style, with your best friend!

11th-19th June marks the celebration of National Picnic Week, and here at CPC we’ve searched the internet for some great DIY Pet treats to take with you on your adventures!

We’ve found five tasty treats you can make at home, from healthy grain-free dog treats, to fishy flavours for your felines and even some oaty goodies for that special house rabbit.

Take me to the treats!

Cat Treats:

Taking your cat on a picnic outside the house may seem like a bit of a crazy idea, but some cats enjoy being on a lead or harness while out with you. If your cat isn’t one of them, why not have a little garden picnic (or carpet picnic!) and share some healthy homemade cat treats with your favourite fur ball?

These Homemade Tuna Cat Treats from MessForLess are a sure-fire hit with your feline friends.

Adventures In Cooking show us how to make these Tuna & Cheddar Crisps.
BONUS! This post also contains some tasty sounding dog treats for your canine companions! Healthy homemade treats for all!

“The bonus of healthy homemade pet treats is that you know exactly what has gone into them, and what’s going into your pet, making it much easier for you to balance their daily food intake”

Steve Murphy,
Cambridge Pet Crematorium & Petrest
resident Veterinary Nurse

Dog Treats:

When we think of picnic and our furry friends, we inevitably think of dogs. Here are some healthy dog treats you can make at home so that Fido can enjoy the picnic with you (and not steal you sandwiches!). You may also like our article Great British Bake Off inspired article on baking your own dog treats.

Tackle dodgy doggy breath with these homemade Doggy Breath Mints! These are great healthy treats to tackle bad breath and its’ root cause.

MissMollySays has created these healthy Oatmeal & Peanut Butter biscuits for your spoilt pups. As per her warnings, please avoid peanut butter sweetened with Xylitol as this isn’t great for your pups’ tum.

Rabbit Treats:

House Rabbits are increasingly popular pets, why not treat yours to some healthy treats from your own kitchen?

These Banana & Oatmeal Granola bites from MindMyPatch sound like just the thing to get your bunnies munching happily!

Do you have pet treat recipes of your own? Why not share them with us on Facebook?

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