5 Reasons your cat should wear a collar

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If you have an adorable fur-baby, you’ll do all you can to protect them. And yet, so many beloved felines still get lost. If your cat doesn’t have a collar, it may be impossible for a stranger to get them home safely to you if they stray away from your backyard.

But a collar does more than identify your lost feline. Here are five reasons why your cat should wear a calming collar for cats.

Why a cat should wear a collar

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

1.     Identification purposes

The core reason why your cat should wear a collar is to help identify them in case they get lost. A collar should be paired with an identification tag to ensure anyone who sees your cat away from home can contact you.

But even indoor cats can benefit from a collar.

According to a past study, 40% of missing felines are indoor cats. To ensure your cat doesn’t end up in a shelter or an animal rescue home, get them a collar with their name on it and a contact address or phone number.

If your feline has a medical problem or a chronic illness, it’s also advisable to include it in their collar. This way, anyone who finds them will be aware that your cat is in urgent need of a vet visit.

2.     Protects your cat at night

cat should wear a collar to improve safety at night

Image by Angeles Balaguer from Pixabay

Collars with reflective surfaces protect your feline at night as they are visible in the dark. Such collars can also help you find your kitten at night.

If you live in an urban area or near a busy street, a collar that glows in the dark will keep your outdoor feline safe from being hit by a car. Drivers will see the glow if your cat is crossing the road or just playing near the street.

Such a reflective collar can mean the difference between life and death for your outdoor cat.

3.     Discourage your cat from hunting

Image by Karsten Paulick from Pixabay

Unfortunately, this also means that you may often wake up to surprises of dead animals on your doorstep. Some of these animals may be native animals that need to be protected. According to a BBC report, cats are the number one threat to US wildlife as they kill billions of animals annually.

Putting a collar with a bell on your feline can discourage their hunting behaviour. The tinkling sound will give animals a heads up thwarting your cat’s hunting efforts. Besides, once your cat becomes aware that they aren’t catching anything, they may just stop hunting.

4.     For your kitten’s safety

Kittens and small cats often get accidentally knocked down or stepped on because of their small size. Such accidents can give your fur-baby a severe injury. Besides, kittens often hid in tiny spaces making it impossible to find them.

Further, if your cat just gave you a litter of kittens, it may be difficult to tell them apart. Getting differently colored collars can help identify each of the kittens.

A collar that has a bell also ensures you’re always aware of where your small cat is. It will also ensure you don’t accidentally step on them or knock them over.

5.     A stylish accessory

Cat collars are the perfect accessories to highlight your cat’s taste or cats personality.

If your cat seems to enjoy having a collar on, you can get them one that makes a fashion statement.

Choosing a collar for your cat

A collar needs to be safe for your feline.

When buying a collar for your pet, choose a breakaway or quick release collar. This ensures that the collar will quickly release under pressure. For instance, if the collar is caught on something, it will open, and your kitten can quickly get away.

You should also ensure the collar is comfortable and well-fitting. If it’s too loose, your kitty will get it out. If it’s too tight, it may strangle your cat. A well-fitting collar should be loose enough to let you slide your two fingers between the collar and your cat’s skin.

You should also bear in mind that your cat will grow. Regularly check on the collar tightness as your cat grows and adjust it if it’s too tight.

Ensure your cat’s collar is also made from a lightweight and natural material. The collar should be soft and comfortable on your feline’s skin.

Don’t forget to trim your cat’s hair, especially if you have a long-haired cat. Long hair can make the collar invisible, which will counteract the purpose of the collar in the first place. Ensure that the collar is always visible and update the contact information if you recently moved to a new location.

Final thoughts

Getting a collar for your cat can ensure they don’t end up in a shelter home when they get lost. Reflective collars also protect your cat against danger at night, and the ones paired with a bell discourage your cat from hunting local animals.

If your cat is having difficulty adjusting to her or his collar, check if it’s a good fit and comfortable. If your cat will still not wear the collar, you can try using a microchip for identification purposes.

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