5 Ways to Reward your dog without treats

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5 ways to reward your dog without treatsThere are so many ways to help a dog learn or reinforce good behaviour. You can reward your dog without relying on treatsyour dog likes can be used as a ‘reward’ and it doesn’t have to pull at the purse strings or put pressure on your dog’s waistline.

Dogs aren’t just motivated by things to fill the belly!

Reward your Dog with Verbal praise

We all know how excited dogs get at a simple ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl’. When your dog has completed as task or action correctly be sure to immediately let them know how well they have done. Dogs are smart and can identify the meaning of many words. Tone and expression means everything to them, an energetic and enthusiastic response works best as a reward.

Physical attention

Nothing goes better than the approving act of a belly rub or pat on the head. Physical attention has always been a very powerful reinforcement for good behaviour. Once you know their favourite spots, add a quick tickle or nuzzle for your dog’s reward.

Excursions as a reward

It doesn’t have to be something extravagant! A car journey or a walk around the neighbourhood. So if it’s a nice day, get out there and enjoy a walk with your dog! Setting up a doggy play date is also a great treat. In addition you have the added benefit that you’re tiring them out and working on your dog’s socializing skills.

Attentive playtime

What most dogs crave is some attention from their pack leader. So after they’ve exhibited some good behaviour engage in a game that stimulates them mentally or physically? Tug of war is a great way for them to expel energy and doesn’t require lots of space indoors. Just make sure you’re present in the moment and make sure you finish the game before your dog loses interest.

A new toy

Again, this doesn’t have to hurt the bank every time! Try rotating in and out some of their favourite toys or making them something new.


This isn’t a stop rewarding with treats completely post. All dogs have individual personalities, so if your dog doesn’t love treats, or maybe likes them a little too much, then try swapping them out occasionally for some of the above and see how you get on!

Let us know what other great ways you reward your dog in the comments below!

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