9 Amazing Facts About Pet Rabbits

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At Petrest we get to meet a lot of owners, and not all of them are dog or cat owners. Over the last few years, house rabbits have become a much more popular pet and found in many people’s homes instead of dogs or cats.

When we created our 10 DIY Toys blog, we made sure to include a few rabbit toys for your fluffy bunny too! Keeping their brains active is, after food, water and shelter, the best thing you can do for a happy and contented pet rabbit!

Some breeds of rabbit can live over 10 years, and grow as big as an average dog. For this reason, they are becoming really popular pets for both kids and adults alike.

We’ve rounded up nine amazing facts about house and pet rabbits, along with some adorably cute pictures to amuse you on this Tuesday afternoon!

Amazing Rabbit Facts!

Rabbit Marginalia - London - British Library - Add 49622 - Gorleston Psalter

Rabbit Marginalia
Gorleston Psalter
From The British Library

Hares and Rabbits are actually two different species, despite the fact that they look alike. Hares were the most prominent in England before rabbits were introduced in the Medieval Era. Rabbits (and Hares) appear in manuscript and marginalia dating back further than the 12th Century.

Rabbits can almost see behind them thanks to nearly 360 degree vision, so no sneaking up on Thumper I’m afraid!

They can be found all over the world and in all there are around 30 documented species spanning from the UK to China

Breeds of rabbit can range from tiny bag-of-sugar sizes right up to enormous almost-as-big-as-the-dog! Bigger bunnies make better pets as they’re less anxious.

On average, pet bunnies live around 5-8 years, that’s a lot of carrot munching!

Rabbits are sociable and prefer living with a friend. Although they will fight if they don’t like each other and can seriously harm each other.

Our bunnies eat mostly green leafy vegetables. They need about 85% of their diet to be hay based. They are practically herbivores!

Generally, our floppy eared friends don’t like being picked up. Sometimes they can kick and scratch. Some breeds will kick so hard they can break their own backs.

Rabbits have been found throughout literature and in many different countries they are considered a lucky animal!

We hope you found our rabbit facts interesting. We’d love to see some pictures of your pet rabbits! Share them with us on our Facebook page or tweet us @Petrestfuneral.

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  1. adah wolden says:

    my family has a rabbit and i had NO idea about any of this.i will have to learn more!!!!

    • Lauren Billman says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on our blog, and we are delighted it has been informative for you! The CPC Team

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