10 Autumn Pet Tips

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Autumn is definitely on it’s way! With the torrential rain and fantastic thunderstorms in the last few weeks, we can really feel a change in the air! The Autumn Equinox has just rolled by on the 21st September and we’re looking forward to welcoming in the Mabon with longer nights and long walks on crispy leaves!

Here at Petrest, we love autumn. The change in season is felt most keenly in our memorial garden, where the leaves turn from their lush green colours to a whole mixture of oranges, browns and yellows. It’s truly a fantastic sight, one that we’re hoping to get lots of pictures of over the coming weeks to share on our social media pages.

Of course, another reason to love autumn time is actually the longer colder nights; they seem just perfect for cuddling up to our pets. Bonus points to you if it’s in front of an open fire with a cup of hot chocolate! That’s our favourite bit!

We were thinking about the change in season when we were planning October’s blog posts. We gave you Pet Summer Safety Tips back when the sun was shining, now its waning we would love to share 10 of our bet tips for autumn!

“I trust in Nature for the stable laws
Of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant
And Autumn garner to the end of time.”
Robert Browning

1. Pets shouldn’t eat sweets
(chocolate especially)

We all know what holiday comes up in October, Halloween! Trick or treating is great fun, as is making your own sweeties and sweet treats. Pets on the other hand, do not need our sugar filled lovelies! If you want to make some Halloween themed pet treats, why not adapt some of our recipes from our Great British Bark Off blog or our DIY Pet Treats blog!

2. Keep an eye out for hibernating garden animals, especially hedgehogs.

Autumn time is when the garden critters decide to turn in for their long winter sleep. Although most will not begin hibernating until nearer the end of the month, some will turn in early. If the garden animals haven’t quite gone to sleep yet, they may be storing up on food. If your dog or cat comes into contact with a hedgehog its worth discouraging any interested behaviour. Hedgehogs carry fleas as well as being covered with sharp spines that will be painful when a wet nose gets a bit too close!

3. Turkey & chicken bones can splinter. Do not feed to dogs or cats.

Autumn food! Lovely isn’t it? We move towards warm salads, stews and hearty dinners. Foods such as turkey, goose, chicken, pheasant and other birds & poultry make some wonderful autumn dishes, but do be aware of the bones. While the occasional scrap is a fantastic treat for your pets, bird and poultry bones can splinter into tiny pieces and it’s not advised to feed them to your pup. Beef, Pork and Lamb bones however? Go ahead!

4. Car freezing up? Antifreeze is toxic to pets.

Ah the days are definitely getting chillier. With any luck our warm weather will last into the middle of November and we’ll have a nice cool midwinter’s night, but what if it’s a bit chilly in the mornings? Anyone who drives knows it’s really important to top up the antifreeze in the car engine and make sure we’re using screen wash that doesn’t freeze either, but these chemicals are really unsafe for our pets. If you’ve got a particularly inquisitive cat or dog (or child!) please keep these well out of their way, with other household chemicals!

5. Cold snap? Consider a jumper for short haired pets.

So it’s been chilly enough for your car to feel frosty in the morning? Maybe the heating isn’t going on until December? What about your pup? If you’ve got a breed that has very short hair, it’s really worth thinking about a jumper. Dogs can feel the cold just as we do and, although a good layer of fur is usually pretty good, short haired breeds (such as Manchester Terriers, Greyhounds, Whippets, etc) will benefit from a bit of extra warmth; especially outside!

6. Watch out for fleas, they reach their height in autumn

Fleas!! Argh!! Horrid little things. Sadly a part of many pet owner’s life, is routine flea treatment. There are many over the counter pet shop flea treatments (for both dogs and cats) as well as vet prescribed options. Fleas really do breed more in Autumn so make sure Fido and Felix are dosed up with preventative measures!

If you’ve got rabbits or chickens, there are other bugs and pests that start to become more of a nuisance during autumn. Keep a check out for your pets and do routine inspections of fur and feathers. Chickens will benefit from a dust with red mite powder this time of year!

7. Allergies can flare up in autumn. Keep an eye out for extra itching.

Is Fido scratching more than often? Have you had a good look and not found any evidence of a dreaded flea infestation? There’s a chance poor Fido could be suffering from allergies. Just as humans suffer with allergies such as Uritca and Hayfever, our pets can have all sorts of allergies to the world around them. If you notice more itching than usual then take a quick trip to the vet for a check up. There’s a good chance he might just need a bath, but he might also need some medication to help him be more comfortable!

8. Walking on leaves is lovely but Oak & Acorn are both toxic. Don’t let dogs drink water from these puddles.

Crunch! Crunch, crunch, crunch! Who doesn’t love the sound of autumn leaves under their feet? Your pup will love it too, as the pavements are covered with a carpet of multicoloured leaves from the quickly changing trees! While autumn brings us beautiful changes in nature, it usually brings us damp conditions too, if you see Oak or Acorn leaves on the ground and in puddles, don’t let your dog drink from those puddles. Both of these trees are toxic and will upset their tummies.

9. Grapes, raisins & nuts are bad for pet bellies!

It’s time to make all of those lovely autumnal comfort foods we love! Cakes, biscuits, brownies, I’m hungry just thinking about it! If you’re a fan of mixed fruit in your cake or like a few grapes and raisins as a snack, make sure you don’t share them with your pets. Both are not great for their bellies and too many will end up in a tummy upset. Nuts are not specifically bad for them, but they are full of fatty oils that your pet just doesn’t need, so keep those on very low moderation too!

10. Comfort food is great for us, but pets don’t need fatty left overs!

When I think of autumn I immediately think of food! It seems such an abundant time of year when the vegetables and late summer fruits are still plentiful, and where you’re calling out for your favourite warm, hearty home cooked dinners. If you’ve got a bit of a thing for nice roast pork, duck or goose, or any other food with a fatty skin, don’t be tempted to share them with your pets! They can have a small amount, but don’t add too many fatty leftovers to your pet’s diet!


We hope you’ve found our autumn tips useful! We’d love to see some pictures of your autumn walks or hear some of your autumn tips! Don’t forget you can leave us a comment below, or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter!