Beautiful ways to create a lasting memory with your pet’s ashes

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We understand that pet loss can sometimes feel surreal. One day, your once best friend and close confidant is there and then they’re not. At such a distressing time, it’s difficult to make clear decisions or fully wrap your head around what options are available for pet ashes.

There are so many ways you can memorialise your pet after they’ve been cremated and there is no written rule on how their final resting place has to be. We’ve list a few options below, that all make great ways to make a lasting final memory with your pet’s ashes.

Pet ashes memorial ideas


pet ashes memorial productsCasket, Urns and tribute frames

Casket, urns and frames have always been a popular choice for bereaved pet owners to store their ashes. This allows them to keep their pet close at home with them, travel with them or even bury them once they’re ready. The best part is, they’re very discreet in their appearance. Urns and caskets come in a range of sizes and styles so there is something out there for everyone and is one of many symbolic ways of creating a lasting tribute.

Pet ashes infused into canvasCustom Photo Art Memorial

You can have a canvas print made of our beloved pet using their ashes. We suggest you do your research to ensure you’re using a specialised person. This can be done with just an image of your pet and can usually be personalised to your taste. They vary in sizes and you can even add a thoughtful poem paying tribute to their memory.

Pet jewellery

Turning your pet’s ashes into jewellery is a wonderful way to honour your pet.  It can be worn or just to be a keepsake at home. and The idea of turning their ashes into something beautiful, stylish and long lasting to be worn, can really from lockets containing ash or locks of their pet’s hair, it’s a memorial idea that allows bereaved pet owners to keep their pet close to their heart. Most companies can also customise the jewellery with names and dates to make the piece that much more special.



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