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  • New Kitten Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

    Posted on April 13th, 2019

    Kittens! They are so cute with big eyes, sharp claws and inquisitive natures! Is this your first kitten? Then hopefully our kitten checklist will give you a heads up as to what you need! Kitten Checklist *updated April 19 with more information on kitten season* First few days with your kitten Much like child proofing… Read More

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  • DIY pet costumes for Easter

    Posted on April 11th, 2019

    *Updated April 19 to include new costume ideas* If you are like me, then any occasion is an occasion to dress up your pet. Easter is such a fun time to get your pampered pooch dressed up. I thought we could take this opportunity to look at some of the best costume ideas for doggy-dress-ups… Read More

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  • Dog theft is big business – don’t become one of their victims

    Posted on April 2nd, 2019

    In February, I wrote about pet theft as, in addition to being Valentine’s Day, the 14th February is the pet theft awareness day. My article really struck a cord and started a long conversation over Twitter; it covered many more aspects relating to pet theft and in particular to the prevention of dog thefts. Once… Read More

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  • Creating a feline-friendly home

    Posted on March 11th, 2019

    While cats may be famous for seemingly having nine lives, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect our pets and to create a feline-friendly home. Some of the easiest ways to keep cats out of harm’s way at home is by keeping dangerous foods, like chocolate and grapes, as well as medications and… Read More

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  • 5 Litter box hacks to stop cat odour in its tracks

    Posted on March 5th, 2019

    The dreaded smell of the litterbox is often the hardest aspect of raising your furry friend; however, it doesn’t have to be! No longer will you have to be embarrassed when a friend comes over, or coming home from work and having a smelly litter box greet you as you walk in. Here are a… Read More

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  • How to stop your dog chewing your furniture

    Posted on January 29th, 2019

    Have you ever walked into your home to discover that your beloved pet has destroyed another piece of furniture? Take a deep breath. Before you think of giving your pet away, know that inappropriate chewing can be stopped. Why do dogs enjoy chewing your furniture? Inappropriate chewing is a common problem in dogs, particularly the… Read More

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  • Winter Health Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe

    Posted on January 8th, 2019

    So far this year, winter doesn’t seem to have property arrived – or is that just me? Either way it still important to protect your furry friends from the cold. The following tips have proved effective for me in protecting my own dog from the wet, cold and snow. 8 Winter Tips for Dogs: Wrap… Read More

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  • How to Choose A Car That Is Right for Your Pet

    Posted on October 2nd, 2018

    If you have a four-legged friend in your life, chances are they factor into every major decision you make from housing and furniture purchases to healthcare and travel. More than one third of American households have a cat or dog and 40% of UK household have a pet as a member of their family and… Read More

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  • Don’t overlook deaf dogs this deaf dog awareness week

    Posted on September 25th, 2018

    This week is deaf dog awareness week. Which I thought would be a great subject for an article; especially following on from the adopting an older dog article published last week. The main difference in looking after a deaf dog and hearing dog is how you communicate. Moreover, once you get the hang of communicating,… Read More

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  • The importance of professional pet photography

    Posted on September 11th, 2018

    Pet photography. Worth it or just a fad for over pampered pooches? At Finlay Pet Photography, we think it’s 100% worth getting professional portraits of your pets taken. Let us explain why. Pets as part of the family According to the PDSA, it’s estimated that 49% of UK adults have some kind of pet living… Read More

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  • How can you help your dog overcome the back to school blues?

    Posted on September 6th, 2018

    Most of our kids are now back at school. Some parents will breathe a sigh of relief that their childcare challenges are at a more reasonable level; whilst others will miss having their children close at hand. What may not occur to many is how our pets react. Pets thrive on routine and enjoy having… Read More

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  • Why Do Dogs Chew Their Paws?

    Posted on July 24th, 2018

    Dogs usually communicate their discomfort through different behavioral changes. Chewing on their feet is one of these behavioral changes that are used to show discomfort. However, chewing or licking paws is one of the behaviors that get unnoticeable. But if you find your dog excessively chewing or licks his feet you must take this as… Read More

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  • 5 Ways to Reward your dog without treats

    Posted on June 26th, 2018

    There are so many ways to help a dog learn or reinforce good behaviour. You can reward your dog without relying on treatsyour dog likes can be used as a ‘reward’ and it doesn’t have to pull at the purse strings or put pressure on your dog’s waistline. Dogs aren’t just motivated by things to… Read More

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  • 6 Ways to keep your dog busy indoors

    Posted on June 19th, 2018

    There are a number of reasons why you may need to keep a dog entertained indoors. It may be that your routine needs to change and your dog will be home alone for longer periods of time. Or it could be that poor weather rules out that long walk you had planned. Not only will… Read More

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  • 10 Simple Ways to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Shiny and Healthy

    Posted on June 12th, 2018

    An important part of being a dog owner is keeping your pup healthy and happy. This means providing him/her with enough exercise, feeding pup quality food, playing and cuddling him/her, and taking care of pup’s appearance. After all, a dog’s health can easily be seen just by looking at its coat – it should always… Read More

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  • What do you do with your pet’s belongings after they pass away?

    Posted on June 5th, 2018

    When coming to terms after pet loss, there’s one question many pet owners will ask themselves; What do you do with their pet’s belongings? There’s no right or wrong way to handle the grieving process. Some people will choose to keep their pet’s favourite toys as keepsakes; others may find comfort in donating everything and… Read More

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  • 7 Surprising dog allergies

    Posted on May 30th, 2018

    Feathers We don’t mean necessarily on a bird! Dogs can be allergic to feathers in down comforters as well as pillows; so if your dog has allergy symptoms, don’t forget to check what’s surrounding them or what they’re sleeping on. Airborne Pollens Hay fever can affect dogs too! Pollen from trees, flowers and grass can… Read More

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  • How to prepare your dog for airplane travel

    Posted on May 23rd, 2018

    International travel with pets has come a long way. However, to benefit from this you will need to carefully plan your journey. In this article we will share some tips on what preparation you need to do when travelling with your dog. Travelling with your dog: Check if your dog is allowed to fly *Not… Read More

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  • The 5 Biggest Challenges All New Puppy Owners Face

    Posted on May 23rd, 2018

    *A guest post by Sienna Penfold You’ve dreamed about this moment for your entire life, and now that you’re finally ready to embrace the bliss and joy of puppyhood becoming a part of your existence, you’re overwhelmed with various concerns. Fret not, because you’re not alone! Puppy parenting truly does come with a whole range… Read More

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  • How Soon Is Too Soon?

    Posted on May 18th, 2018

    The thought of moving on after the loss of a pet can seem impossible. Pet owners share an intense love and bond with their furbabies, so after the loss of a pet, it’s natural to feel devastated by feelings of grief and sadness. What you should never feel is guilty or ashamed about grieving for an… Read More

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  • What do you do if your pet is stung by a bee or wasp?

    Posted on May 11th, 2018

    We can train our cats and dogs to do most things but it’s almost impossible to get them to keep away from a bee or wasp. Soon the bees’ and wasps’ season will be in full swing. And we all know how much our furry pals love to get themselves into trouble. In most cases… Read More

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  • How to help your dog recover from trauma

    Posted on May 3rd, 2018

    *A guest post by HerePup –  Aren’t dogs one of the cutest creations on the planet? Who would imagine that such selfless and loving creatures can be abused? As shocking as it is, animal abuse is one of the ugly truths of society. According to the statistics gathered by pet, dogs are the… Read More

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  • Why do cats pull at their claws?

    Posted on May 1st, 2018

    If you notice that your cat is claw pulling, there may not be too much for concern. There are normally three reasons that can cause this behaviour in cats: Normal grooming Medical Behavioural Claw pulling… Normal grooming: Normal grooming is anything like, licking, chewing and biting. So when it comes to your cat’s claws understanding… Read More

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  • How much does it cost to own a dog?

    Posted on April 12th, 2018

    It’s an exciting time! You are opening your home to a new family member. You may have already fallen in love with a bundle of fluff – but have you considered what owning a dog costs? Did you know that the lifetime cost of owning a dog can be as much as £33,000? The cost… Read More

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  • Why dogs can’t eat chocolate

    Posted on March 27th, 2018

    We’re so use to sharing human foods and snacks with our dogs. But there is one snack in particular that you should hold back on sharing and that’s chocolate! I know what you’re thinking… surely just a little piece now and then won’t hurt? But the scary truth is for your doggo, it could. Chocolate… Read More

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  • A child’s first pet can create a lasting memory for the whole family

    Posted on March 1st, 2018

    Parents have a lot to think about when deciding on which animal is the most suitable to be a child’s first pet. It’s difficult to know where to start. First you’ve got to go through the logistics; like have you got the space, time or finances to bring a pet home? *IMPORTANT* Having a pet… Read More

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  • The importance of dog obedience when planning a family

    Posted on February 23rd, 2018

    Whether you’ve already got a dog and now expecting a baby, or you’ve just had a baby and thinking of adding a dog to the mix. Things in your household will definitely get more chaotic. It’s incredibly important for dog obedience to minimise stress for yourself and the dog and help things run smoothly. Make… Read More

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  • 10 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Pet

    Posted on February 13th, 2018

    *A guest post by Kamira Gayle, Author & Creator of –A blog about finding healing after pet loss through inspiration and art! Ah Valentine’s day! A day when you can tell love is in the air, see people holding hands and the town painted in red hearts. February 14th happens to be a day… Read More

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  • 5 Homemade treats for your pet rabbit

    Posted on January 30th, 2018

    We all know how amazing pet rabbits are, you may have seen our previous post celebrating just that!  Mix things up with a selection of these treats for your pet rabbit and add a little extra bounce in their step. Treats for your pet rabbit Katie’s Smack Snack for Rabbits There is a little more… Read More

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  • CPC’s Christmas Rules!

    Posted on December 21st, 2017

    Ensure your pets have a fun safe Christmas, with these 7 top tips: Choose Christmas decorations labelled NON TOXIC Create a safe space for your pet – perhaps a spare bedroom or utility room – where they can escape the commotion. Put food, water, toys and a bed in there  Don’t give chocolate or leave… Read More

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  • 5 Ways to spoil your cat this Christmas

    Posted on December 19th, 2017

    By Natalie McKee author of Christmas is a time for friends, family and tradition. Your pets are just as much a part of the family (sometimes more!) as the people seated at the dining room table, so why not find ways to include your cat in the festivities and spoil your cat this Christmas… Read More

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  • Why pets are NOT for Christmas

    Posted on December 14th, 2017

    In the run up to Christmas, we’re sure everyone’s mind set is very much focused on what to get your loved ones; and for many people, getting a puppy or kitten is at the top of their Christmas lists. We wanted to stress the importance that pets are for life and not just for Christmas!… Read More

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  • How to prepare your dog for the Winter

    Posted on November 28th, 2017

    Now that the cold weather is really kicking in; we here at CPC thought it would be the perfect time to share a few top tips to keep your dog warm this winter. Dogs don’t have the benefit of pulling something cosey out of the wardrobe for themselves, so it’s important to adjust your fur… Read More

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  • Don’t Forget…

    Posted on October 26th, 2017

    With October drawing to a close (where has the year gone), let’s not forget that the clocks go back this Sunday 29th October 2017 at 2am, giving us an extra hour in bed…HORRAY!! Thanks to technology, there is little to do on our part as your phones will most likely automatically change but remember to… Read More

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  • Great Kong Stuffing Ideas

    Posted on October 13th, 2017

    Dog puzzles or a stuffed dog toy are great for keeping your furry friend busy indoors. These types of toys offer dogs the mental stimulation they need especially when you aren’t around; so I think you’ll agree that they can be a godsend. In this post we’re focusing on Kongs, which you can  stuff with… Read More

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  • What is there to Look Forward to this autumn?

    Posted on September 26th, 2017

    As we wave goodbye to summer… well, the few days that we had; we welcome in the cooler temperatures and earlier nights of autumn. There are so many things to love about autumn, the beautiful setting of the falling leaves, warm woolly clothing and best of all cosy nights in snuggling with your pet! Here… Read More

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  • 8 Ways to Help Dogs with Separation Anxiety

    Posted on September 19th, 2017

    *A guest post by John Devlin, Author of Separation anxiety is a common issue with many dogs and one that owners struggle how to resolve. First, let’s find out what causes this behaviour and look at some tips to help dogs which suffer from this serious issue. There are various levels of separation anxiety…. Read More

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  • How to avoid buying from a Kitten or Puppy Farm

    Posted on September 6th, 2017

    Whether you’re looking for your first pet or you’re looking for an addition to the family; we all know it’s an exciting and overwhelming process. But what do you really know about where the puppies or kittens are from? There are so many different ways to find a pet, but unfortunately not everyone can be… Read More

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  • The Human Animal Bond

    Posted on August 29th, 2017

    The bond that develops between people and animals can be as strong as the bond between other family members. There are a number of reasons why this is the case; for example the average age for having children has increased. Statistics show that over the last 4 decades the average age of a first time… Read More

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  • How To Become A Pet Foster Parent

    Posted on August 23rd, 2017

    Have you ever thought about fostering a cat or dog? There is nothing more rewarding than opening your heart and home to a cat or dog in need of help.  This week we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to know about fostering a cat or dog and how to get involved. So let’s… Read More

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  • Which Household Toxins Could Make Your Pet Ill?

    Posted on July 27th, 2017

    When thinking of getting a pet, one thing you know that will change for sure it that you might be cleaning the house a bit more than you use to. From shedding hair to little and not so little messes, cleaning will now play a larger part in your home life. So  here is where… Read More

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  • Should you let sleeping dogs lie?

    Posted on July 25th, 2017

    Our pet’s can hide so many things from us. When its food or a toy, it’s easy to see the funny side but when it comes to your dog’s health and it slipped past us; we’re the first to blame ourselves. Of course regular checkups at your vet are extremely important but we’d also like… Read More

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  • The Paw Prints They Leave Behind

    Posted on July 14th, 2017

    Nostalgia can hit you when you least expect it. When it comes to pet loss it can be such a beautiful thing. After pet loss thinking back on the time you’ve had with your cat or dog can be ‘bittersweet’! For some the pain of pet loss can never entirely disappear, but you can find… Read More

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  • 6 Signs your dog is about to bite!

    Posted on July 5th, 2017

    Many owners don’t think that there dog will bite, but contrary to this belief any dog can bite. It’s not specific to a particular breed. A dog bite can occur when they feel threatened, in a stressful situation or when defending themselves, other pack members or territory. More often than not most owners will be… Read More

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  • Are You Looking to Bring a Furry Four Legged Fido into Your Home? Here’s What You Should Consider!

    Posted on June 27th, 2017

    We love to cuddle and play with them, their soft fur and their smushy faces; but have you really thought about what it takes to provide the best care for an animal? Animals help us lead happier and healthier lives but in return they deserve and warrant a lot of time and attention for them to… Read More

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  • How much does a dog cremation cost?

    Posted on June 22nd, 2017

    We don’t want to think about it! Your dog not being around anymore but the reality is; they can’t be with us forever. The loss of your pet is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to deal with as an owner and for most of us at CPC we have all experienced the highs of… Read More

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  • I have a terminally ill pet, now what? 5 Factors to Consider before deciding if Euthanasia is an option

    Posted on June 14th, 2017

    *A guest post by Kamira Gayle, author of As a pet owner and a pet parent there may come a time when you are going to be faced with a monumental decision – you have a terminally ill pet and need to consider euthanasia.  I wrote about my own personal experience making this decision… Read More

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  • What do you want to happen if your pet passes whilst in the care of another?

    Posted on May 31st, 2017

    So you’re off on holiday. You’ve got your neighbour to keep an eye on the house, to pop-in to water the plants, collect the post and your cat or dog is in a kennel or cattery. If you can’t take your pet with you, there’s just one question that comes to mind that pet owners… Read More

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  • 5 Things Your Pet Bird Needs

    Posted on May 24th, 2017

    Birds are unique and some pet birds need a special kind of understanding, in fact they demand it. So if you’re thinking of getting a bird, speak to an avian expert first. So often now people take on the ownership of a bird without fully understanding their needs and intelligence. Birds in captivity need, and… Read More

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  • Going On Holiday?…. What Are You Going To Do With Your Pet?

    Posted on May 17th, 2017

    So you’re going on holiday! Destination selected, time off work booked and already planning on what to take. There is just one thing…. Who’s going to look after your pet?? You may be lucky enough to have a family member or friend who can pop in to feed and fuss your cat; but what if… Read More

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