CPC Opens New Site in Sheffield

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CPC is offering its Petrest Service through its New Crematorium in Sheffield

The demand for compassionate and dignified pet cremation services continues to rise. More and more owners look for more choice in how to say goodbye when their pet passes away. CPC is now offering its Petrest service through its new site on the outskirts of Sheffield.

The Petrest service offers owners the option to attend their pet’s cremation where they can take the ashes home on the same day. Owners can also choose to have their companion collected from their home. Or have the ashes personally returned, by one of our specially trained staff, within 3 working days.

Located within the boundaries of the Peak District National Park, CPC Sheffield provides an idyllic setting for owners to spend time with their companion animal. This is ideal for owners wanting to attendthe cremation or to return at a later date and reminisce on past times.

CPC, the UK’s largest family owned Pet Crematorium, has been providing owners and vets a dignified environment and service for the end of a pet’s life. Over the past 37 years CPC has developed an enviable reputation for trust and compassion.


Ray Hale – Founder said

“My aim in starting CPC was always to provide pet owners a dignified way to say goodbye to their companions and this hasn’t changed as we have grown.”

“Opening CPC Sheffield demonstrates our commitment to delivering a much needed service to the pet owner and the veterinary sector. Whilst we have already been operating at a national level from our Crematoria in Cambridge, Cheltenham and Caledonia. I wanted to make it easier for more customers to attend their pet’s cremation. Opening CPC Sheffield provides this option to clients in Central England.”

 “Those of us that have pets in our lives will understand how important the owner and companion bond can become.” 

Ray continues; “The loss of a pet is a traumatic event. Having a choice of how to say goodbye can really help the owner come to terms with their loss.”

“As with all of our Crematoria, at CPC Sheffield we have dedicated bereavement advisors. We provide training courses for vets and veterinary nurses to help them to prepare and support their clients during this difficult time.”

“We have Gardens of Remembrance at all of our Crematoria. At CPC Sheffield, owners can remember their companion in our landscaped garden. Or the picturesque hills of the Peak District are just 5 minutes by car.”

Please contact CPC Sheffield for any further information.