How to create a cozy home your dog will love

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home your dog will love

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Whether you’ve just moved into your dream home or found your perfect pup, a cozy home means a happy dog. Creating the perfect environment for your dog is a rewarding process and one that doesn’t need to break the bank. This step-by-step guide is your first step in making your house feel like a home for your precious pooch.

Utilise the space you have 

If your dog is used to sleeping in a crate, consider finding the perfect spot for it under a small table or in a quiet corner. A crate or kennel is a dog’s private sanctuary, its happy place. Like us, dogs enjoy their space, utilising nooks and corners in your house can create a comfortable home your dog will love. Raising your bed to create a private hideaway is another great option, particularly if you are short on space.

Sunlight is another great option for a cozy bed. Setting up a bed in an area of natural light allows your dog to lie down and enjoy the sunlight in comfort. Arranging larger window sills with cushions and blankets can also be a great way for dogs and their owners to make the most of the sun indoors.

Dog-friendly decorating

Make life easier for yourself. Being smart with how you decorate your home can save you time and undue stress, giving you more time to spend with your furry friend.

Designing aspects of your furniture with your pets in mind can help keep you both happy. Consider matching furniture and carpet to the colour of your pet. Not only can this be a great source of inspiration when decorating a new house, but it can be a great way to hide moulting hair. If you have already invested in furniture, consider simple alternatives like matching a throw blanket on the end of your couch.

When purchasing new furniture, consider the durability and functionality of your furniture. Leather can be a great material as it is strong and can be cleaned with a simple wipe without absorbing stains and odours. With other materials, think about their ability to be cleaned. Ask whether couch covers are machine washable or think about slip-cover alternatives.

Avoiding white whenever possible is another great tip in preserving your own sanity. No matter how clean you keep your pup, a dirty paw print is almost inevitable.

Image source: Unsplash

Keep them safe

Taking little precautions now can help keep your dog happy and healthy in the future. While some of these tips may seem obvious, they can also be easily forgotten or not considered. Here are some simple safety measures to consider when creating a dog-friendly home.

Keeping poisonous cleaning products and toxic chemicals inaccessible is crucial for the safety of your pet. A simple rearrange can keep the nasty stuff out of reach, ensuring a healthy pet and a clear mind. Magnetised latches or high shelves can be great ways to keep curious noses out of potentially harmful kitchens and bathrooms.

Some poisons are less obvious than others. Dogs often eat toxic plants which can lead to serious consequences depending on their toxicity. Watch out for plants such as foxgloves and daffodils and get to know the poisonous plants in your area. Consider removing or making sure toxic plants are inaccessible and research new additions to your garden.

Image source: Pexels

Dogs bring so much joy to our lives, they are always smiling and constantly grateful. They are very much members of our families and make houses feel like homes. With a new house or a new dog comes the opportunity to create for them the things we love in a home; cozy corners, sunny beds and open spaces. It also gives us the chance to make sure they are safe and happy and to thank our beautiful fury friends for their unconditional love.

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