Creating a feline-friendly home

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While cats may be famous for seemingly having nine lives, it’s important to take the necessary precautions to protect our pets and to create a feline-friendly home. Some of the easiest ways to keep cats out of harm’s way at home is by keeping dangerous foods, like chocolate and grapes, as well as medications and cleaning products stowed away in high-up cupboards. If your curious kitty likes chewing on things, stowing electrical wires away under curtains and behind furniture is also a good idea.

Teaching your kids how to interact properly with cats could save your moggy from undue stress. You will also save the little ones from scratches. It is just as important to teach them to read signs that the kitty would rather be left alone. Signs such as a wagging tail or a hiss should be taken seriously.

Whether your pet is an indoor or outdoor cat, some extra accessories can keep them out of trouble by safeguarding them or simply providing entertainment. These include a lockable cat flap so your cat doesn’t wander after dark, a reflective, quick-release collar and a scratching post.

For more tips on cat-proofing your home, have a look at the guide below by Sainsbury’s Bank.


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