Should you let sleeping dogs lie?

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Dog asleep on the ground - dog's health

Our pet’s can hide so many things from us. When its food or a toy, it’s easy to see the funny side but when it comes to your dog’s health and it slipped past us; we’re the first to blame ourselves.

Of course regular checkups at your vet are extremely important but we’d also like to take the time to mention the importance of pet insurance and having an emergency plan. One of the first things you should do when bring cat or dog home among other things is locate where your closet veterinary, out of hours clinic and 24/7 hospital. The Vets Now and Blue Cross organisations are great places to start looking for information.

There are some easy tell tale signs for when your dog’s health is in trouble.

Any Unexplained weight loss is a sign of a serious problem that needs veterinary attention. It can be a sign of metabolic and neuromuscular diseases, cancer and heart disease. All illnesses that if found early enough can really give your pet the best chance possible.

A Fever that goes on for a long period of time is a sign that something is going on inside her body. Especially if it accompanies other symptoms you should head straight to the vets.

Young girls bent over looking at dog's health

Any Problems pooping or urinating is a cause for concern. Difficulty going or noticing blood in their urine or stool can be an indication that something isn’t right internally. Same if diarrhoea continues as it can cause dehydration and in some case can be deadly to small dogs.

Persistent coughing…  Yes your dog can develop a cough and if it’s continuous it isn’t normal. Infrequent coughs shouldn’t be cause for concern but if you’re worried about it; have it checked out. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Extreme fatigue or fainting, are symptoms that should go without saying if spotted to seek veterinary advice. Extreme fatigue can easily be overlooked, but if it’s not the effect of extraneous playing or exercise, it could be his way of saying help!

Unlike humans… dogs don’t bloat! A distended abdomen or swelling in the stomach is extremely dangerous for dogs as it can put a lot of pressure on their chest and can affect their breathing.

Vomiting is something you may be quite familiar with as a pet owner. In fact occasional vomiting shouldn’t be a large cause for concern. It’s when the vomiting becomes more frequent, then it’s time for a trip to the vet to check your dog’s health.

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Signs slightly easier to miss

Difficulty breathing we advise that all pet owners learn to perform CPR on your pets. Should the time come you could save your pet’s life. Difficulty in breathing are common in brachycephalic (short nosed) breeds like Pugs, Bulldogs, Chihuahua’s and Shih tzu’s.  Be aware of what’s considered as ‘normal’ for your dog and act appropriately.

Red Eyes or redness in the whites of their eyes is a sign of inflammation or infection which are signs for several diseases. Any change to your dog’s appearance should always be investigated.

Restlessness out of nowhere could be your pet telling you that something isn’t quite right. Whining, shaking, pacing are all traits to look out for as it could be signs of something serious.


Let’s not forget that you know your pet best, but sometimes life get’s in the way and things can easily go amiss. If  your pet is behaving out of character get to the vet as soon as possible.