What is there to Look Forward to this autumn?

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As we wave goodbye to summer… well, the few days that we had; we welcome in the cooler temperatures and earlier nights of autumn. There are so many things to love about autumn, the beautiful setting of the falling leaves, warm woolly clothing and best of all cosy nights in snuggling with your pet!

Here are a few way to enjoy autumn with your pet!

The Beach 

  • There’s still time for the beach!! Yes you’ve read that correctly. Many beaches in the UK place restrictions of dogs during the peak summer months and then welcomes them back from September on wards. Find your nearest dog friendly sea side Your dogs will thank you with wet kisses… and paws after a day jumping waves and walking along the water’s edge. You’ll also get a chance to take in some fresh sea salt air before autumn turns to winter.

lady sitting by fireplace with dog in autumn

Sit in and cuddle 

  • After a tiring day at the beach, or after missing you all day because of work, all your pets craves is some ‘you’ time. I know it’s what I’m mostly looking forward too! Those evenings snuggling with warm blanket in front of the television can really do a soul some good.

dog running through autumn leaves

Outdoor activities 

  • Autumn is just a beautiful time, so venture out locally and enjoy your surroundings wherever possible.  Why not try and de-stress both you and your dog with a woodland walk. The scents trails alone will truly tire them out.
  • Ever considered dog walking groups? Being active is always fun in groups. It gets both you and your dog socialising. So get a few friends together or maybe there are other dog walkers out around the same time that you can connect with.
  • Get the right gear for evening walks. With the dark drawing in earlier, it’s even more important to be safe and BE SEEN. Reflective wear for YOU and YOUR DOG will go a long way to keep track of each other and for cars to keep track of you!
  • Invest in winter warmers. Hello woolly hats and thick jumpers aren’t just for you. It may not be your thing but dogs can feel the cold. A simple outdoor jacket for the cold and rain will go a long way.

autumn with your pet

Indoor activities

If your autumn is a little too wet and getting outside isn’t an option, then get some training in! Your dog will be spending a lot more time inside than outside. So whether you’re training you new pup or nailing something new you’ve been meaning to try out, it’s a perfect way to keep your dog mentally stimulated (and tire them out). There are also some great stimulating interactive toys you can buy like Kongs and puzzle balls. We also some cost effective DIY toy options for your dog. 


  • The Discover Dogs Event is back again in London 21 and 22nd October. So if you’re looking to add to your family or just have a love for dogs of all breeds and keen to learn more then don’t forget to  Get your tickets.
  • Scruffts, 21st and 22nd October is the nation’s favourite crossbred competition in Manchester.  It’s a great day out with your family and dog. There’s still time to get your tickets!

So whatever you get up to this autumn, keep safe and keep active! With obesity on the rise, dogs suffer first hand as the months get colder because of our lack of interest in being outside. For other autumn pet tips, take a look at our previous post.

Also, if we’ve missed any other great doggie event then let us know.

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