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Just like human friends, our pets are our trusty companions when in times of thick or thin. Sometimes they’re trusty confidants. Other times they serve as emotional support. Whether your pup jumps on you after a long day at the office, or your cat curls up on your lap as the night passes by, we all have moments that define how important our relationship with our pets can be. Our animals are constantly pouring out support to us, so how do we return the favour? Beyond unconditionally loving your pet, there are several gifts you can buy (either for your pet or yourself) to capture your genuine feelings for your companion animal.

gifts for cats and dogs

An out of the box edible treat

Your pet loves you. She really, truly does. She loves to play with you, curl up with you, or just sit nearby knowing that you’re there. She misses you when you’re gone, and gets excited when you come home. And yet, no matter how much your pet adores you, there’s one thing you’ll surely admit she loves even more: eating.

Beyond their normal food, or food from the table. Our pets love treats. But if you want to go beyond conventional treats, there are plenty of options out there to serve them.

For dogs, the best edible treat is a good old fashion bone. These are not only delicious, but take a long time to chew. And dogs, I’m sure you’ve noticed, greatly enjoy the chewing process. But if you want to give them more, consider the 21st century evolution of treats with customizable treat delivery services. These break the mold of conventional bacon strips, or chewing sticks.

Gift ideas for your pet

Part of what makes cats and dogs so fun to have around is their love for play. Just like people, animals get a kick out of having a good time and crave stimulation. Surprising your pet with a new toy to play with might just make their day.

Rope toys for big dogs are most ideal, as they are more likely to uphold against the wear and tear of tug-of-war. For smaller dogs, or working group dogs, consider a more intuitive game such as the Hide-a-Squirrel, which includes three squirrel toys that can be stashed away in a hideout.

For cats, there’s no better option than a simple toy mouse on a string. You get bonus points if you include cat-nip mouse. We all know our feline friends have tracking and pouncing in their nature, and this contraption allows them to put all of those skills on display. However, if an alternative is a new scratching post (and it could save your couch or bed frame).

Pet themed items around the house

Are you or a loved one obsessed with their dog or cat? Then consider getting them a personalized t-shirt with a picture of their four-legged companion. If that’s not enough, you could always up the ante and get a throw blanket of your favourite pet. It also makes for wonderful photo opportunities, with the owner wearing the shirt posing with the animal at their side.personalised pet gift

No matter how sweet a pet is, they still are not the type to worry about tracking dirt into the house. In order to avoid bringing in mud every time, it’s a good idea to have a welcome mat by the door to wipe their paws on. This means that a pet-themed mat, with a cute phrase referring to how “cats are welcome” or “wipe your paws,” can be the perfect gift for a pet-loving friend. It is both practical and sweet.

Supporting your local pet store

To the truly practical gift-givers out there, there might not be a better gift for a pet-loving friend than a simple gift card to your local pet store. This presents a great bonding opportunity for pet and owner as well, as you can bring your dog or cat to the pet store with you to pick out a new favourite toy or bed. While having a dog or a cat is a wonderful, rewarding experience, it is not always cheap. Sometimes the expenses can add up and become overwhelming. A bit of money towards food or supplies could be the practical assistance your friend really needs.


Gifts for pets

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