Give Your Pet a Birthday They’ll Never Forget

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When that big day rolls around each year, make sure your pet knows what a treasured family member they are. Plan a pet birthday party and make it a big deal that they’re one year older. Whether their favorite activity is riding in the car or swimming in the ocean, here’s a list of ideas to make the celebration a memorable experience for pets and humans alike.

1. Don’t skip the birthday cake

A birthday, whether the birthday pal has four legs or two, isn’t really a birthday without a cake. And luckily for your furry friend, plenty of cakes are designed specifically with them in mind! Boxed cake mixes are sold specifically branded for dogs, so those with a desire to bake and be creative but don’t really have the knowledge and experience to make it from scratch aren’t left without options.

If you are a baking savant, or just a little more adventurous, plenty of dog or cat-friendly cake recipes are floating about, and you’ll be able to work in that extra bit of love to their special day.

And if you simply don’t have the time to set aside for baking, don’t worry! Plenty of bakeries and pet patisseries exist and specialize in pet-friendly cake options, or you might have a specific pet-friendly treat store available nearby that can personally create your pet’s dream cake.

2. Invite friends to hang out during the party

Think about the kind of party you want to have for your pet. You know their temperament and needs, so plan around what will make it a good day for them. A party with a lot of dogs running and playing may sound fun and exciting, but if you have an anxious or nervous pup, consider a more intimate get-together with mostly human attendees to dote on them.

If you do plan on having a large animal get-together, make sure all of them have been introduced and acquainted beforehand. Strange new animals invading their home can be a recipe for disaster if precautions aren’t taken and remember this is about a fun and relaxing time for your pet.

3. Everyone loves a goodie bag

When you invite the pets of your human friends to the gathering, don’t leave them high and dry.  Get some fun, smaller toys and treats together in bags and offer those to party guests. Find some cake-shaped or party-themed pet toys to keep furry attendees entertained.

Even if most of your attendees are of the human variety, they’ll want some fun treats as well. Include toy replicas of your special friend, custom shot classes with the date of the party on them, or pet bowls for their own pets back home.

4. Find the right location for a party

Consider the location. Don’t default to your home because it just sounds right; you’ll need to go over some important factors to make sure it’s a good spot for a lot of foot (and paw) traffic. Do you have a yard large enough for your prospective guest list? Do you plan on it being both indoor and outdoor?

Check the weather forecast leading up to the party date, as rain or other inclement weather can easily ruin a yard party with muddy, wet dogs. For indoor and outdoor parties, prepare your home with baby gates to block off any wandering pups from getting into places they shouldn’t be. During especially warm spring or mid-summer parties, consider getting a tent or other shaded area for the tired pets to cool off under.

5. Celebrate with a pet-friendly getaway

Why not turn your beloved pet’s birthday into a family-style vacation? Gather the family and load up the car, or even turn your car into a pet-friendly one by bringing some of their favorite toys along for the ride. Take your pet to a pet-friendly resort or day spa for a getaway weekend near Cambridge or Caledonian. Hotel Felix in Cambridge is a much-loved local resort that offers beautiful views and even boat rides down the river, all right alongside your pet.

While pet-friendly hotels can vary, do your research and select one with plenty of amenities to make your pet feel cared for. Plenty of hotels and day spas offer recreational activities, but also grooming and other little extras to really make the weekend special. Inquire into the specifics of what each place has to offer, and if your pet has any issues with strangers or other special needs, inform the staff and see how they can accommodate them. Bring whatever you need to make your pet feel at home, that includes a few toys, some treats, and their pet bed or pillow to sleep on.

What about you? Have you ever thrown a birthday party for your pet?


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