The Great British Bark Off: Dog Treat Bake Off

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The Great British Bake Off is finally back! Here at the Petrest we’re eagerly looking forward to trying out all of the recipes and getting thoroughly stuffed on baked goods! We wanted our dogs to be able to join in the fun too, but what about all of those fattening ingredients? Not great for our pups right? That’s where these recipes come in!

One of our very first blogs on CPC (oh so long ago!) was about DIY treats. We gave you some recipes for your dog, your cat and one for the house rabbit. It was a great success! We decided to kick off our own ‘Bake Off’ with some dog-specific treats!

Picked with baking in mind there are lots of different techniques for you to try! We’ve got; kneading dough, whipping cake mixture, decorating with icing and food dyes. Perfect for you to stretch your baking skills and your pet will thank you!

If you’d like to give your own recipes a go, we’d love to hear how they turn out! Why not have a bake off with other doggie parents? If you want to vary the recipes, try adding some of the lovely herbs and vegetables found in the healthy foods section of our Treats Vs. Toxins blog!

Remember, as always with new foods, to check with your vet before adding any supplements or changing your pet’s diet. If you’re holding a doggy bake off, make sure you check with the other pet owners for any allergies or sensitivities!

Onto the treats:


These treats are the crunchy biscuit kind that we all love making! Roll them out, cut them out and remember Bake Off Paul Hollywood’s advice “You want something quite rigid, but something that will taste good too”.


These Blueberry and Basil Treats from the Good Dogs Co not only look great, but they have some fantastic ingredients for a great healthy treat. Blueberries are full of antioxidants, fibre and phytochemicals. Basil is good for freshening doggy breath and is known to help towards easing arthritis

Did you ever eat Love Hearts as a child? Or maybe even as an adult? They’re popular on tables at weddings as table favours and always say such beautiful things. These Loveheart Biscuits for dogs by Heather Baird from Etsy will be sure to make your pup feel just as loved as she should be!

Dogs that are ok with grains in their diet could benefit from adding whole grains such as millet, quinoa and wild rice to their diet. These Chicken and
Wild Rice
dog treats from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen are packed with healthy whole grains and protein rich chicken!

Soft Treats


These soft teats are somewhere between cake and biscuit. Soft treats can be better for older dogs or dogs whose teeth are not that great. Don’t forget the all important bake off decoration, “Some of them have got a good forking” (Thanks Mary!).

is a great dog-based blog that is well worth a read (after ours of course!). Their recipe for Soft Cookies is specifically aimed at senior dogs with fewer teeth (although we know a few younger dogs who also love them!). They’ve provided a few options for alternative ingredients too, to suit your dog’s allergy requirements!
While the idea of a soft biscuit flavoured like beef stew doesn’t really sound appealing to us, our dogs will LOVE them! These Beef Stew Treats made by DogVills again are easy to make and appeal to our pups no end. FYI, bouillon cubes can be substituted for general stock cubes (like Oxo or similar). Crushed dry veggie chips can be found pretty easily in most supermarkets, generally marketed as soup mix ingredients.


Cake Treats

Bake off wouldn’t be bake off without cake, am I right? Mix up some cakey treats for your favourite furry friend. These dog-friendly will be a great hit with your pup, as well as being healthier than human cupcakes to boot! Ganache your buns just like Bake-off’s Diana, steering well away from any soggy bottoms, and remember Mary’s advice: “It’s all in the wrist action”.


For the love of spoilt dogs! Christi from Love From The Oven made her dog this AMAZING cake for National Spoil Your dog Day (I didn’t even realise that was a thing?!). This Spoilt Dog Cake (her name, not ours, but it does fit!) has apple sauce for a bit of flavour and pumpkin puree. Pumpkin is really good for dogs’ digestion and a natural way to fight the risk of worms. Go on, give Fido some spoilt love!


Excite your pup with these doggy cupcakes! With a decadent dash of delicious peanut icing and a soft centre of healthy carrots and oaty goodness, these dog ‘pupcakes’ by Jen Woodhouse are a spoilt dog’s dream!:



Wheat & Gluten Free Bake Off Alternative


Baking with gluten free ingredients can seem a bit daunting at first. Gluten free alternatives don’t always behave exactly as you’d expect normal ingredients to, but surely that’s the fun of a good bake off series?! Some dogs aren’t that great with gluten and grains. To include your pup in your bake off adventure try these suggestions! Don’t let your gluten free treats get away from you though, heed Sue’s advice and “…Slap those baps down.”.



These Cheesy Sweet Potato & Ham treats use brown rice flour, so if your pup has a sensitivity to wheat and gluten, these could be the answer! To store these correctly make sure they go into the fridge (or freezer) to keep that Spanish omelette consistency. The Doggy Dessert Chef has lots of lovely recipes and is well worth a visit!
We hope you enjoyed our baking ideas!
Having your very own bake off? Please share them on our Facebook page or Tweet us a photo, we love seeing your creations!

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