Great Kong Stuffing Ideas

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dog playing with stuffed dog toys

Dog puzzles or a stuffed dog toy are great for keeping your furry friend busy indoors. These types of toys offer dogs the mental stimulation they need especially when you aren’t around; so I think you’ll agree that they can be a godsend. In this post we’re focusing on Kongs, which you can  stuff with your dog’s favourite foods or treats.

There are just a few things you need to know to ensure your dog enjoys the benefits of their stuffed Kong. Kongs are available in different sizes, so it’s important you choose the right size for your dog. If you’re not sure on what size you need; then take a look at this Kong size guide. 

If you’re introducing a Kong for the first time and they’re a little uncertain, start by showing  it off to them enthusiastically. You could also try playing a little ‘hard-to-get’ to peak your dog’s interest.

There are so many ideas out there for you to try; so we’ve found some of our favourites recipes for you and your dog to enjoy. With autumn upon us where there is going to be a lot going on outside like Halloween and bonfire night, keeping dogs calm and relaxed can be a challenge.

The Benefits of Stuffing a Kong

The benefits of Kong stuffing include:

  1. Stuffing a Kong is an easy way to keep your dog busy & entertained
  2. They’re great for slowing down dogs that eat too fast
  3. They can help keep your dog occupied while you go to work or do chores
  4. A stuffed Kong will give your dog a simple job to do
  5. They provide mental stimulation

Recipe Ideas great in a stuffed dog toy:

pumpkins can be used in stuffed dog toys


Ingredients: Pureed pumpkin, tahini paste (or peanut butter).
Method: Mix together the pureed pumpkin and tahini paste and fill the Kong. Serve straight away or freeze for later.

These can be rolled into little circles and then put into selected toy.
Food Fact: Tahini (sesame butter) is a good source of calcium and zinc, minerals essential for healthy bones

kibble can be used in a stuffed dog toy

Ingredients: A portion of your dog’s normal kibble, about a dessertspoon of cottage cheese, a chunk of banana (about an inch thick).
Method: Half fill the Kong with kibble, then spoon in most of the cottage cheese. Holding your hand over the large opening, shake the Kong to coat the kibble in the cottage cheese. Add some more kibble, packing it in well, then top with the remainder of the cottage cheese before plugging the large opening with the banana.
Food Fact: Cottage cheese contains a good source of the protein amino-acid ‘casein’, which the body converts into naturally occurring opioids that have a calming effect. This is especially useful to help separation distressed dogs to feel more relaxed when alone. Bananas are also thought to have a calming effect too.

white rice can be used in a stuffed dog toy

Ingredients: Cold boiled white rice, about a dessertspoon of natural bio-yoghurt.
Method: Mix and mash the rice and yoghurt together and fill the Kong. Serve straight away or freeze for later.
Food Fact: The blandness of boiled white rice coupled with the ‘friendly’ bacteria in natural bio-yogurt makes this a great recipe for dogs with sensitive tummies.

There are so many dog treat ideas, perfect for evenings in with your furry pal.