5 Litter box hacks to stop cat odour in its tracks

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The dreaded smell of the litterbox is often the hardest aspect of raising your furry friend; however, it doesn’t have to be! No longer will you have to be embarrassed when a friend comes over, or coming home from work and having a smelly litter box greet you as you walk in. Here are a few tested ways that are proven to help stop the odour in its tracks so you can get back to enjoying the brighter side of cats.

Use a deodorizing agent

There are many commercial deodorizers on the market, but you can quite easily accomplish the same job using items you might already have in your kitchen.

Here are a few examples:

Green tea

If possible, get yourself a box of loose-leaf green tea. If you can’t find it, tea bags will work as well. Just sprinkle a couple of tablespoons of the tea leaves over the litter and mix it in. The tea helps to absorb smells, and it’s anti-bacterial as well, which is another advantage.

Baking soda

Another simple hack is to coat the bottom of the box with a thin layer of baking soda after cleaning it. Then put the litter in as usual. The baking soda will help to absorb smells.

Scoop the poop daily

We understand – it’s not fun cleaning out a litter box. You’re going to have to step up to the plate here, though. Scooping out poop and clumped litter every day is the best way to keep the litter smell under control. It’s also better for your cat’s health if they have a clean toilet area. If you really loathe cleaning it, we suggest you read our reviews on the best self-cleaning litter boxes available right now; otherwise, be sure to make it a habit to do it every morning.

Change the litter and clean the box weekly

In addition to scooping the poop, you need to schedule a weekly session to replace the litter and clean out the box. Your first step is to dump out the litter. If any has stuck to the bottom, use the scoop to dislodge it.

If this isn’t appealing, you can buy liners for the tray, which does make things easier. You’ll lift the edges of the liner and throw everything away at once.

Now you need to wash the box. This step helps to cut down on the number of bacteria, and it also helps to prevent smells from building up.

Fill the box with warm, soapy water, and give it a thorough scrubbing. We’d recommend using gloves and a scrubbing brush that are only used for this purpose. When you’re done, dry it inside and out.

You’re almost finished. Dampen a cloth with vinegar, and wipe down the inside of the box, which will help kill any bacteria remaining and will also absorb odours. It will dry quickly. Once it’s dry, put a layer of baking soda in the bottom and then add the litter.

Use the right litter

Experiment with different brands of litter as well. Silicone is a good option as it locks in any smells. If you are using silicone litter, you only need to swap out the litter every couple of weeks. If your cat is not eager to use that type of litter, consider getting clumping litter instead which forms a firm bundle when pee-soaked. It also makes scooping out dirty particles a lot easier.

Make sure you have one box per cat in the household

How many cats do you have? You should have at least one box for each of them. If you really cannot bear the thought of having an extra box, you’ll need to clean and replace the litter more often.

Final notes

You love your kitty. She’s a great friend to you. It’s not that much of an effort to keep her litter clean, and it is good for health and will prevent the smell from driving you nuts.

If you are thinking about sharing your home with new furbaby, you should check our kitten checklist for tips on what you will need. Just to be safe you should also read our article on how to avoid buying from a kitten farm.

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