How Long Does It Take To Get Your Pet’s Ashes Back?

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“How long will it be before my pet’s ashes is back with me?” is one of the first questions we get asked by bereaved pet owners who use our service; and rightly so. Who wouldn’t want to know when will they have their beloved pet back with them.

We’re going to outline how the procedure works after you have your pet cremated with us here at CPC.

How your pet is returned will vary and is often based on how your pet arrived at our crematorium.

What if your pet arrived from a vet’s practice?

If your pet arrived with us from your vet’s practice, then it’s normal practice that after your pet’s cremation that they are returned to your vet’s practice, for you to collect. This process can take roughly one week. If you don’t advise your vet of your choice of casket or urn you would like, then your pet will be placed in a presentation box. If you did choose a container, then your pet’s ashes will be returned in it.

Have you been asked to contact us directly?

Some of the veterinary practices, that use our service, will ask you to contact us directly to make payment. In this instance, we will securely hold your pet’s ashes giving you the time to contact us. Once payment is made the ashes will be returned to you within 7-10 working days. This is normally returned via our chosen courier company.

*This procedure should be explained to you by your practice. *

What if you used the Petrest service?

With the Petrest service, the process is unique to you. The collection of your pet is tailored to you, so it can be from your home or your vet’s practice. Collection can often be made the very same day your pet passes away. After your pet’s individual cremation your pet’s ashes will be returned back to any mainland address within 3 working days. This is done by a member of the CPC staff.

If you have any questions regarding the Petrest service or the return of your pet’s ashes, then please feel free to speak to one of our bereavement advisors on 01763 207700 or send a message on our Facebook page and we can have someone contact you.

What if I bring my pet into CPC?

If you brought your pet into us, once the cremation is complete and payment has been made; your pet’s ashes will be ready for collection from us or we can arrange for it to be delivered via courier to your address or your vets, if required.

What courier does we use?

After cremation, your pet’s ashes will be returned to you using APC courier.




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