How much does a cat cremation cost?

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cost of a cat cremation

One of the hardest things a cat owner knows is that after having the company of such a wonderful pet friend for up to 20 years or so you’re going to say good bye. It can be difficult to cope with the feelings of pet loss.

You may have caught our previous blog on the cost of a dog cremation. Well this blog post is how much is a cat cremation, another in a series we here at CPC are doing to give pet owners as much information possible when making your pet’s final arrangements.

Cats are individuals in life; so why should their final goodbye be any different?

So What Are Your Options? And How Much Does A Cat Cremation Cost?

The process is the same. The first question we ask is, are you looking to have your cat returned back to you after cremation? This helps us establish what type of cremation you’d like:

  • individual cremation – where your pet is cremated on his or her own and you want the ashes to be returned to you.
  • communal cremation – where your pet is cremated with other pets.

At the Cambridge Pet Crematorium we offer a range ash containers, the following prices are based on the owner bringing their beloved cat to one of our crematoria and waiting for the ashes. The delivery charge is for returning the ashes by courier in the instance the owner doesn’t wish to wait.

The price to cremate a cat


Cat CremationDelivery
Presentation Box £             156.00£13.74
Emerald/ Woodland Scatter Tube £             166.71£13.74
Scatter Pouch £             171.75£13.74
Caskets* £             189.59£13.74
Keepsake Box* £             189.59£13.74
Urns* £             203.63£13.74
Sleeping Cat £             205.74£13.74

* prices start from

You can also ask your vet to arrange collection or your pet and the return of the ashes. Opting for this service is often the easiest and most convenient. To determine the price you would need to speak directly with your vet as vets will have their own pricing strategy.

Petrest is our premium individual pet cremation service. The service includes:

  • 24/7 phone number to arrange same or next day collection
  • Collection from any UK address by a CPC dedicated driver
  • The Individual Pet Cremation
  • A casket or urn of your choice
  • The return of your cat’s ashes by a dedicated CPC driver within 3 working days

The price for the Petrest service is £498 – £678 inclusive & depending on location

cat sleeping on sofa - cost of a cat cremation

Individual Pet Cremation

The process for an individual cat cremation is the same as it is for any of the pets that come to us for an individual cremation.

Upon arrival at one of our crematoria we look to see whether the owner would like to attend the cremation; if not then the pet goes onto to be cremated in his/her own chamber. This ensures that you will only receive the ashes or your pet and no other.

Personal items can also be added with your cat before they are cremated; it is best to double-check with one of our bereavement advisors on what can be included.

If you wish to attend the cremation then we will look after your pet until the date of the cremation.

Attending your cat’s cremation

Attending your cat’s cremation is an option; most owners find it a comforting experience. Being able to say one final good bye offers a sense of closure. We welcome all pet owners to any of our crematoria, to attend their pet’s cremation. We have dedicated rooms where you can see your companion and to say your final goodbyes and specially trained staff to comfort you in your grief.

Witnessing your cat’s cremation

For those who wish to witness their cat’s cremation, it is possible to see your cat being placed into the cremator via CCTV and a monitor in our private attending rooms. This service is available at all of our sites; to attend the cremation we charge a fee of £66.00 which is in addition to the cremation costs.

Garden of remembrance

If you’re unable to lay your pet to rest at your home in the garden or don’t own your property. Our beautifully landscaped garden of remembrance is the perfect place to lay your pet to rest.  You can return to reminisce in the years after.

A plot can be bought in each garden which lasts for ten years and can be used to hold more than one pet. Some of our customers have found it comforting knowing that their pets are all together in death as they were in life. The price for a plot that will hold the ashes of up to 6 pets is just £420.00 for 5 years.

You can call us on 01763 207700 if you have any other questions or check our pet cremation FAQs page.

Cats Protection

Launched by Cats Protection, paws to listen, is a confidential phone line enabling owners to speak to trained volunteers who can offer emotional and practical help in coping with pet loss. The lines are open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.

Tel: 0800 024 94 94

The Ralph Site – pet loss support

The Ralph Site is a not-for-profit online pet bereavement resource. It provides support and useful resources to pet carers around the difficult time of the loss of a beloved companion. It consists of a website, a Facebook page and a busy private Facebook group.

The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) mission is to provide free and confidential emotional support.
Tel: 0800 096 6606


Samaritans provide confidential non-judgemental support 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress.
Tel: 116 123

We have also published information on the costs of a dog cremation and the costs of cremating a rabbit or small pet.

* this article was edited on 2.7.19 to include more petloss support links *

* this article was edited on 30/12/19 with up to date pricing for 2020 *


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