How much does a dog cremation cost?

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Dog Cremation CostsWe don’t want to think about it! Your dog not being around anymore but the reality is; they can’t be with us forever. The loss of your pet is the hardest thing you’ll ever have to deal with as an owner and for most of us at CPC we have all experienced the highs of sharing our lives with our pets and the crushing lows that comes from pet loss and one of the most common questions is how much is a dog cremation?

These days there are many options on how to say your final goodbye and one option that is growing in popularity is individual dog cremation. The reason for the increase… dogs become more than just ‘Pets’, they become family. They come into our lives and hearts and, as family, they deserve to be remembered!

That’s our aim here at CPC. To provide a final farewell that reflects the place our pets have in our hearts and in our memories. As the UK’s leading pet crematorium we are here to help and support you through the loss of your pet.

Having your pet’s cremation planned out won’t make the loss any easier; but investing the time now means that you won’t be distracted by having to plan a pet cremation when the time comes.

As one of the most popular choices for a pet in the UK, this blog post will deal with the process and cost of a dog cremation. We’ve included a number of links to other pieces of helpful information throughout, but if you still have questions on the subject, or the about the actual dog cremation process and cost for other pets, please get in touch.

“At CPC, we understand the special bond between a person and their companion, which is why we extend our hands to you with warmth and compassion.” – Ray Hale (CPC Co-Founder & Chairman)

Dog Cremation Options

You may have already seen our previous post Guide To The Petrest Cremation Process which give a detailed account of the pet cremation process and what to expect. However, in case you missed it and you’re a little unsure about cremation or quite what it entails; let us give you a quick overview….

What we need to know before the pet cremation:

  • Do you want your pet’s ashes to be returned?

If the answer is yes then you will need to request or plan for an individual pet cremation.

Individual Dog Cremation

Individual cremations take place in our purpose built cremators. When your pet is cremated completely on their own  (unless a personal item is added by yourself) you can be sure that you receive just their ashes. You can also choose a casket or urn to store the ashes.

“Please remember that nobody knows your pet better than you and the people closest to you; do talk through any decisions and share how you are feeling with your friends and family.”- Ray Hale (CPC Co-Founder & Chairman)

Most crematoria will provide a price for an individual dog cremation; the cost of a dog cremation is unlikely to include collection or return of the ashes. The price is also unlikely to include the cost of a casket or urn.

The most cost effective method of individual dog cremation is for you to bring your pet to us and wait for the ashes.

To provide you with a base line cost, our price for the individual cremation of a small dog starts at £139.20 which includes a presentation box for the ashes. This price doesn’t include collection or return of the ashes. To return your pet’s ashes we would apply a delivery charge; for a small dog the delivery charge would be £10.74.

Size Cremation Cost Delivery
Small Dog £139.20 £10.74
Medium Dog £159.60 £10.74
Large Dog £178.00 £16.15
Extra Large Dog £198.00 £16.15

To help with sizing please refer to our dog sizing chart.

Please complete the following form if you would like a no-obligation quote for an individual cremation.

Would you like to attend your dog’s cremation?

Many of our owners find comfort in attending their dog’s cremation.

Saying your final farewell can provide a great sense of closure. We welcome all pet owners to any of our crematoria, to attend their pet’s cremation. We have dedicated rooms where you can see your companion and to say your final goodbyes and specially trained staff to comfort you in your grief.

Witnessing your dogs Cremation

For those who wish to witness their pet’s cremation, it is possible to see your pet being placed into the cremator via CCTV and a monitor in our private attending rooms. This service is available at all of our sites; to attend the cremation we charge a fee of £60.00 which is in addition to the cremation costs.

If your dog is in your vet’s care

At CPC we provide pet cremation services for many of the UK’s corporate and independent veterinary practices. The final bill that you receive from your vet may include the cost of the clinical procedures your pet received as well as the individual cremation costs. Therefore you would need to discuss costs directly with your vet. You can expect to receive the ashes of your pet within 7-10 working days.

You want us to collect your dog from a vet that uses a different crematorium. Or you would like us to collect from your home:


Petrest is ideal for those people that don’t want to be parted from their companion for longer than is absolutely necessary, or those looking for peace of mind gained from making provision for their dog’s cremation.

For a dog cremation the price is £278.  This includes:

  • 24/7 phone number to arrange same or next day collection
  • Collection from any UK address by a CPC dedicated driver
  • Individual Cremation
  • A casket or urn of your choice
  • Return of your dog’s ashes by a dedicated CPC driver within 3 working days

More and more vets are now offering to visit their customers’ homes to perform the euthanasia. This can reduce the stress for both you and your companion. If you let us know of your plans then we can arrange to be present to collect your dog once you have said your farewells. If this isn’t the case we provide you with a telephone number where you can contact us 24/7 to arrange collection from any UK address. We will endeavour to collect on the same day; if this isn’t possible we will be with you the next day.

With Petrest you are still welcome to bring your dog to us or to attend the cremation. The attending fee would still be payable.


Garden of remembrance:

Our beautifully landscaped gardens of remembrance are the perfect place to lay your pet to rest and return to reminisce in the years after.

A plot can be bought in each garden which lasts for ten years and can be used to hold more than one pet. Some of our customers have found it comforting knowing that their pets are all together in death as they were in life. The price for a plot that will hold the ashes of up to 6 pets is just £163.92.

Make arrangements for your dog’s cremation

You can call our bereavement team on 01763 207700. They will be able to help you make arrangements for your pet’s cremation and to answer any questions you may have.

Other Support

If you prefer there are a number of organisations that offer pet bereavement counselling:

The Blue Cross

The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) mission is to provide free and confidential emotional support.
Tel: 0800 096 6606


Samaritans provide confidential non-judgemental support 24 hours a day for people who are experiencing feelings of distress.
Tel: 116 123

We have also published information on the costs of a cat cremation and the costs of cremating a rabbit or small pet.