How to help your dog overcome mobility challenges

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There can be no doubt that there are few things more heartwarming than having a dog by your side. Equally, few things are more heartbreaking than seeing your dog laid low by injury or age. Dogs are such marvelously free-spirited creatures. It’s hard to stomach the idea of anything crippling them or the sense of freedom they exude. Even so, for countless dogs, age and injury can stop them in their tracks and introduce all manner of mobility issues.

dog with mobility issues

Time to repay our dog’s loyalty

Dogs have been renowned for their loyalty since Homer wrote about Argus awaiting the return of his master Odysseus to Ithaca for 20 years in The Iliad.

Now, when they need it most, it is the time to repay that loyalty.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you can do just that and help your dog deal with mobility issues.

Make Things Easier on Their Back

First and foremost, you need to do whatever you can to ease the strain on your dog’s back. Maybe your dog is old and, like senior citizens, isn’t as spritely as he used to be. He may suffer from a common condition such as arthritis, which makes it painful to bend his back. Maybe he was involved in an accident and can’t bend over.

Either way, the more you can prevent mobility challenged dogs from having to bend over, the better off they’ll be.

There are several easy ways you can do this.

Two pets bowls on wooden stand

For example, you could try placing their food dish and water bowl on an elevated platform, sparing them from having to bend over to eat or drink. What’s more, you can spare your dog having to bend over to reach things by getting them yourself.

Again, think about Granny – would you really make her bend over to get the newspaper? No, of course not, you’d get it yourself and hand it to her, which is precisely what you should do if your ailing dog drops his toy.

Installing Ramps

Dog mobility ramp

Maybe it isn’t a bad back that’s causing your dog’s mobility issues, but weak or injured legs or paws. If so, you want to make getting around your house as easy as possible. Ramps can be a real game-changer in that regard. If you or a family member have ever broken a leg or foot, you know how hard it can be to get up a flight of stairs. The same is true for dogs, so installing or building dog ramps for your home can allow your dog to come and go with ease.

Dog Wheelchair

A few things can help your dog adjust to and combat mobility issues than canine wheelchairs. These are just what they sound like – wheelchairs that wrap around your dog’s waist with wheels in front or back, depending on where your dogs’ weak or injured paws or legs are.

These wheelchairs can provide your dog with the support and mobility they need to be able to get around your home without experiencing pain.

That said, your dog will need a bit of time to get used to their new wheelchair. Thankfully, you can help with the transition process. Dogs experience much of the world through their sense of smell. Let them get used to the smell of the wheelchair, and comfort them during this period.

What ever you do, don’t forget the treats!

Giving them extra care and being kind to them can help comfort them through this transition. Don’t forget about the dog treats! They’re always a great training tool for helping your dog form positive associations with something, and they can work here as well.

From ramps to wheelchairs to elevated food bowls, there are many ways you can help ease your dog’s mobility issues. The most important tool at your disposal, however, and the one that makes all the rest work, is the same thing your dog shares with you, and the reason you love them so much – compassion, care, and unconditional loyalty and love.

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