How to make your dog a social media star

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Dogs have it pretty easy. They don’t even need to run a social media account to be some of the most popular profiles on there. Some people have to play football at an elite level for years. Some grind out number one hit after number one hit. For dogs, they just have to look cute or look weird. Read on for advice on making your dog a social media star.

At Kennelstore we wanted to find out what the recipe was for making your pet a star, and below are the four tips we’d recommend to make everyone else love your dog as much as you do.

Make your dog their own account

If you want to make them a star, they can’t be playing supporting actor or actress in your feed. You need to make them a main eventer, and get them their own account. This means you can focus entirely on them, and give the audience exactly what they want to see.

Having a memorable name also helps at this stage. If this is how you want them to be known, then try your best to fit the name into their social media handles, too. “FoodFan292” is far less memorable than “MarsTheBlackDog” or something.

Unleash your inner photographer

make your dog a social media star

Your dog could be the cutest of all time, but if you’re not good at capturing them, then no one else is going to realise it. If you have a phone that was released in the last five years, then chances are you have the ability to capture it. Other equipment like lights, lenses or even a professional camera will help you even more, but keeping to photography fundamentals should see you through.

These fundamentals include things like keeping even lighting, moving in close instead of zooming, and understanding the golden ratio. A sense of humour for the captions to go with them never hurts either.

Understand the Instagram algorithm

It’s important to understand how Instagram works if you want your account to be seen. Platforms with a linear feed, like Instagram and Twitter, it’s all too easy to get buried. To get an idea of what works, earlier in the year, they released this tweet.

This means that you need to be posting regularly. As feeds are personalised to show more of what you like, you need to give people as many chances as possible to like your posts. Working on the ‘perfect post’ for ages and then dropping posts with weeks between each one is not a recipe for success. This idea of ‘interaction’ also covers stories, and isn’t just limited to the posts on the feed. So, make sure you keep that in mind and tap into the over 500 million people that use it daily.

Interact with similar accounts

You might feel a little weird doing this. However, if you treat it like a laugh then it can produce some fun results. We often see pet accounts commenting on other pet accounts in character, complimenting their nice hair or new jacket – just like you might for your friends. It’s also a good way to build your brand by getting your account out there. You’ll find that these pet accounts often have circles, and it’s good to squeeze your way in where you can.

This could also mean something as simple as just reacting to their story. Sharing their posts onto your feed or just liking their pictures. Remember that whenever anyone likes your picture, you always get a notification with their name and account. This makes it a great way to spread some positivity, and also get your name in front of others.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Even if you’re not interested in getting followers on social media, then we still encourage people to take plenty of pictures of their pets. When the day all pet owners fear finally comes, we want to keep hold of as many memories of them as we can. The usual trip to the park on Tuesday might become routine pretty fast. But when they’re gone you’ll be either regretting the photos you never took there or enjoying the gallery of photos you have from your trips – immortalising them forever.



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