How to stop a dog barking?

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Humans talk and dogs bark. It is a standard and typical activity for dogs. They bark to express their love, anger, or other emotions. The reasons for barking may vary depending on different situations, and it will be unfair if you, being their owners, don’t allow them to bark at all. On the other hand, excessive barking is something you must stop. It’s not because it is irritating and disturbing, but it’s also unhealthy for your beloved pooch. Sometimes, it can be considered as a behavior problem.

Stop a dog barking

We have researched well on why dogs bark, how to stop a dog from barking, and what are the reasons that provoke a dog for excessive barking. Here in this article, we are sharing a few ideas to reduce or prevent your kuchipu’s frustrating barks. Start with the basics and follow these simple tips and tricks mentioned below.

How to stop dog’s excessive barking

The best way to prevent such noises is to remove any potential sources of excessive barking. First, observe when your canine starts barking continuously and then analyze the reasons behind it. Generally, if a dog is ill, lonely, or frightened, then he keeps on barking. Try to eliminate these situations and see the difference. If he doesn’t stop even after avoiding each possible reason, you should try these ideas.

Teach “quiet” and “bark” commands

When your pooch is just a few months old, start training him when he should bark and when he should stay quiet. It’s because sometimes you may want him to bark when some strangers come at the door, and other times you need him to keep quiet. So, try putting your finger on his mouth or nose and say “Shh” or “Quiet” to guide him when not to bark. Repeat the process until he understands your sound of “Hush” so you don’t need to use your hands every time. Initially, you may need to keep the treats ready so that he feels motivated and follow your command.

Gently close your dog’s mouth

If you want to tell your pooch that he and his master is safe and it is okay if he stops barking, then start using a halter. Introduce your dog with some comfortable leash or harness. When you experience an unwanted bark, lift the rope, so the dog’s mouth closes gently. Then, guide him to sit down and stay quiet. If it is not possible, later try to distract him and change your direction. This way, you can convert your dog’s unwanted behavior to the sane one easily.

White noise machine

Some dogs get provoked with the sounds like horns, passing trucks, loud music, etc. Using a White Noise Machine avoids loud and incidental noises coming from the outside of the house. It is a device that keeps playing soothing and unchanging sounds. It makes the dog calm and reduces the frequency of other barking triggers. You may have used White Noise Machines for your infants, but you will be glad to know that these devices are also useful to stop a dog’s excessive barking.

Exercises to help a dog stop barking

Mostly every dog benefits physically as well as mentally from the various exercises. A dog that practices and plays regularly are more likely to keep his mind calm and less likely to bark unnecessarily. Try to provide him a ground where he can play. If it is not possible, then spare some time and take your dog out for runs or walks daily. You can also arrange some brain games such as ‘Find The Toy’ or ‘Hide-and-Seek.’

After trying all these methods, if you are still not satisfied with the results, you can also take help from the dog experts or professionals. Here, the whole point is that you don’t need to take stress about your pooch’s excessive barking, but you should not even consider it lightly. Observe their behaviors and give them love and attention. Soon, you will get a happy puppy and a peaceful atmosphere at your home.

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9 responses to “How to stop a dog barking?”

  1. Kelsey says:

    I’ve got dogs that will bark, and when they’ve started it’s hard to get them to stop. Even with tons of training. If their mind is made up, they will bark.

    • Jon says:

      Thank you for your feedback. Personally I have had some success in reducing my dog’s barking. I guess all dogs are different.

  2. Maria Spradbury says:

    We have a 2 year working cocker spaniel.Who when let if her lead barks like crazy.I have tried the stop command but to no avail.she o ly started this barking about 6 months ago.
    Please help.

    • Jon says:

      This sounds like your cocker has learnt to bark when let off the lead. You may unwittingly be encouraging this behaviour – if this is the case it is very hard to suggest a solution without witnessing the behaviour first hand. I suggest you look for an animal behaviourist and seek support from them. I hope you find a solution so that you and your cocker spaniel can enjoy walks.

  3. I’m like be on a development where there are dogs in every gap it’s like living in kennels..

    There are 18 dogs nearby whom bark at any moment..

    It’s horrific can’t hear the TV nor concentrate in my home. Sleep as in take naps this is a daily occurrence throughout the day and night. I’ve spoken to the neighbour’s in question but just met wth ignorance and two years on it’s gotten worse.

    Most of them ar tied up all day and night or loose in an enclosure.

    They bark or howl at people walking pass even the same people who live on the development. Strangers, other dogs if walked by their owners, Vehicles driving by,
    Garbage truck workers, postal workers, utility meter readers, frogs, just anything ice cream trucks when the music is playing. Horrific I’m not getting much sleep as it’s in the night early morning daytime ‍♀️‍♀️

    I’ve taped four Tate of these accusations

  4. Jon says:

    Hi Anita, I sympathise with your situation. It sounds that the real problem is anti-social neighbours that aren’t taking responsibility for the care of their animals.

    Do the dogs have access to food, water and shelter? If not I would suggest reporting them to an animal welfare organisation.

  5. karma says:

    it was really help full

  6. loconomo says:

    i tried my dog keeps barking

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