The importance of good nutrition for dogs

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When deciding to become a dog owner, besides all the joy and love you will give, it is extremely important to care for your dog properly. Aside from everything else, this includes good nutrition. This is important because it reduces the risk of many illnesses. In addition, a good diet will prolong your dog’s life, and improve his or her quality while keeping them healthy and strong.

good nutrition for dogs

The main food for dogs includes lots of meat, but besides that, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fibers all contribute to a healthy canine diet. By combining these nutrients, you can be sure that you are providing your dog with everything necessary. And here is additional info about the topic.

The importance of a right canine diet, and disease prevention

A healthy and well-balanced canine diet is important because it can prevent many diseases.

First of all, let’s talk about obesity, which usually happens because most dog owners don’t really know the nutritional needs of their pets. Obesity in dogs happens because they are not getting enough exercise and are eating too many calories. Besides making everyday life hard, because it’s harder for them to move or run, it can cause many other problems. Heart problems and hypothyroidism are one of those. The common signs are thinning fur, reduced activity, and shedding. To prevent this, teach your dogs the feeding time, include more protein and exercise, and fewer caloric treats and table scraps. Heart problems are also frequent in overweight dogs because the heart has to work harder to supply the whole body with blood. The main treatment is again a healthy diet and a reduced sodium intake.

Besides the regular diet, it is fairly easy to get no RX dog supplies online because there is always a team of veterinarians there to help. Aside from all the dietary supplements and vitamins, you can look into other items that help keep your dog healthy like shampoos, conditioners, and multivitamin complexes for dogs, as well as protection from fleas and ticks, which is extremely important. If you are already buying treats for your dog, make sure you get dental treats, which clean plaque, and keep their gums healthy. You can help your dog be active and prevent obesity by providing fun tug toys, and squeaky toys they will love to play fetch with.

A well-balanced diet can also prevent diabetes and keep your dog’s metabolism in order. You can do this by including fresh vegetables in the diet as well. A diet with low levels of sodium will protect your dog’s kidneys. You should also include lots of omega fatty acids to control the weight, and prevent inflammations. To help avoid arthritis in older dogs you can add glucosamine supplements to your dog’s diet; regular exercise will also help as will controlling portion sizes.

In addition to these common problems, you should keep an eye on your dog after feeding. You may notice that they have food allergies or food intolerance.

Feed them according to their age

Like in all animal world, a diet should be age-appropriate because, at different life stages, dog organisms need different things. For puppies, it is important to provide enough protein while they’re growing, which will keep their muscles healthy and strong. Calories from carbohydrates will give your puppy the much-needed energy, and fats will help develop a healthy brain and vision. And, of course, don’t forget fresh water because they need it in addition to all the water they get from food. Make sure you follow the instructions about the quantity of food because it can lead to obesity.

When you have an adult dog, you should consider fewer feedings a day. Two are more than enough to fulfill their nutritional needs, and they won’t feel hunger. Adult dogs need more fibers and can eat up to 50% of their caloric intake in carbohydrates.

You should take extra care when planning a diet for senior dogs. Since they are prone to muscle loss, increased protein intake is needed. Fewer calories and more fibers will help with keeping the weight in check and it will alleviate constipation. Water intake is very important. An older dog may have a reduction in their kidney function, and if you haven’t already, consider including dietary supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Additional nutrition for dogs

Some of the nutrients worth getting are glucosamine which prevents arthritis and pain caused by it. Next is fish oil, which is important for healthy skin and coat. For dogs who are sick, or for preventing that from happening, probiotics play a big role in keeping the digestive tract in order. Multivitamins have a multitude of benefits. Vitamin A is good for vision, and fetal development. The vitamin B complex regulates hormones, the immune system, and nervous system. Vitamins C and E serve as antioxidants. For bones and arthritis prevention, vitamin D is crucial, as well as sun exposure. And vitamin K will help your dog’s blood clot in time if there is a bleed.

Dogs too have a complex dietary regimen. A mix of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, together with vitamins and minerals will ensure your dog is protected from arthritis, heart and kidney disease, and diabetes. It will also keep their weight in check, which is the underlying reason for most of these conditions.


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