How To Become A Pet Foster Parent

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How to foster a cat or dog

Have you ever thought about fostering a cat or dog? There is nothing more rewarding than opening your heart and home to a cat or dog in need of help.  This week we’re giving you all the information you’ll need to know about fostering a cat or dog and how to get involved.

So let’s start… Why should you foster a cat or dog?

Organizations rely on volunteers to provide temporary homes for animals until they have found there forever homes. Being willing to open up your home to a cat or dog means you’re freeing up space in centres for other animals to be taken in, who are in more need.

What are the benefits of fostering a cat or dog?

There are so many benefits on both sides to fostering a pet. We all know the benefits owning animals can do for us; physically and mentally and the animals are provided with more specialised care which they may not have ever received or are limited in shelters and rescues because of overcrowding. Also keeping them integrated around people can keep more sociable for re homing.

How to fosster a cat or dog

How much of a time commitment does this require?

If you already own a cat or dog, then you know the level of responsibility and attention they require.  Already having pet experience is great but not a necessity; most shelters and rescue groups offer training and assistance.  You may be asked to foster a cat or dog from a couple of days to a couple of months depending on the animals circumstances. So if you’re a person that travels fostering may not be for you.

There are different kinds of fostering.

Yes there is more than one kind of ‘fostering’. Shelters need foster parents willing to care for puppies, kittens, young and adult cats and dogs to animals in need of medical care or behavioural issues. Although foster parents are need for all types of animals, volunteers don’t necessarily have to deal with all types; you can specify if you’d only like to deal with particular animals. Again most shelters and rescue groups offer orientation and instruction to help you deal with each type.

Three types of animal fostering roles:

  • Fosterers for animals ready to be re homed.
  • Fosterers for case animals whilst the legal proceedings take place.
  • PetRetreat  is a scheme that helps families who are suffering from domestic abuse.

Are there any financial commitments?

Most shelters and rescues pay for vet costs and medicines along with other necessities like food dishes, bedding, collars etc.  Speak with your local shelter or rescue to find out specifics on what they are happy to contribute.

*All fosterers are responsible for the welfare of the animal in there care.*


How to get involved.

There are so many sites to get more information on, we’ve listed some below. Whether you’re looking to foster a cat or dog or just give up some time to help out, I’m sure there is a facility near you that would love you to get involved.

Cinnamon trust is a national charity specific in aiding the elderly/ terminally ill and their pets. – Rescuing and re homing dogs throughout the midlands (UK) focuses on helping older dogs find loving homes and volunteers across the UK is a renowned animal welfare charity, who you would definitely have heard of for their work they do for animals.  is a charity that helps unwanted pets find loving homes. is an animal welfare charity who’s aim is to find the right homes for every animal