Is your dog your best chance against burglars?

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Theft is a major problem for dog owners and for homeowners. There is a 30% rise in cases of domestic burglary in the UK, based on the police records by ONS, and this is why homeowners need to find ways to deter thieves from their property. An old standby is to get a guard dog for the home, but how well does that work? On that vein, what are the best practices to protect your home from burglary? 

Guard Dog

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Dogs need training and are in the line of fire

Dogs are loyal and fierce protectors. The life of a guard dog is one that is rife with hard work and peril. But in order to be effective, dogs need to be trained so they’ll know when to warn their owners about suspicious activity or persons within the property. While a barking dog might give the illusion of security, this often does not deter determined thieves. When burglars target houses with a dog, they are not beyond poisoning the dog to gain access to the home. So when it comes down to it, are you willing to put your pet’s life on the line?

Smart surveillance cameras

If you’re aiming to add a strong layer of security that isn’t centered on your pet, a smart surveillance system is a good option. 89% of convicted burglars express that they avoid homes with smart surveillance systems, according to the findings of Co-Op Insurance. Smart surveillance cameras often come partnered with apps that send you real-time notifications about any suspicious activity or movement in your home. Not only do you enjoy a reliable eagle eye to watch over your property but it’s a strong deterrent for unsavory characters.

Motion-Activated Lights

Three-fifths of burglaries occur between 6 pm and 6 am, based on the data of the Office of National Statistics. Motion-activated lights are a good way to keep your home safe at night. Burglars hate anything that draws attention to them so having lights that go on because of movement is an effective deterrent. The key is installing the lights in areas of your property that do not expect much movement in the evenings. 

Being proactive and smart about your home can lessen its likelihood of being chosen as a burglary target. While man’s best friend can help keep your home safe, it may be better to place other reliable security measures in and around your home. Always remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and the same rings true about home security, too.


Is your dog a good guard dog

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