Pet Memorials: Keeping the Memory Alive

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* This article has been updated to include details of pet memorial options and our online pet tributes. A free service offered by CPC *

Saying goodbye to your pet is never an easy thing to do. There are many stages to grief and losing a pet can feel just as harrowing as losing a human loved one. Creating pet memorials can be a great comfort in the grieving process.

While the idea of thinking about your pet’s final resting place isn’t something every pet owner wants to think about. It’s something that we will all have to face during our time as a pet-parent.

Planning a Pet Cremation?

At CPC, whilst we hope you won’t need our service for a long time; we aim to make planning your pet’s cremation easier. CPC’s Farewell Planner is a way of writing down your wishes, like a will for your pet. You can select the options available and create a document to keep or take to your veterinary practice to put on file and refer to.

Attending the Cremation

You have the option of attending your pet’s cremation to say your final goodbyes. Please make sure you tell your Vet you want to attend the cremation. We have experienced bereavement advisors on site to help you through your loss and give you as much time and support as you need.

“I just wanted to say thank you to Petrest for helping me with the passing of my dog. I felt very comforted by the service and cannot recommend you enough – I am just glad that my my boy is in a better place now.” Emily, Facebook 5* Review

You and your pet are never apart for long, or if you attend the cremation you can take your pet’s ashes on the same day. Many people like to keep the ashes in their homes – perhaps in their pet’s favourite room – or some prefer to scatter the ashes, or bury them in their garden.

Ideas for Pet Memorials

Keeping your pet’s memory alive is as important to us as it is to you.

At all of our crematoria we have books of remembrance, you can download page templates and create your own remembrance page and send it to us for inclusion in the book.  Also at each of our crematoria we have landscaped gardens of remembrance. You can choose to have your pet’s ashes scattered with other loved animals and pet memorials. We also provide online tributes where you can create and share your pet tribute with family and friends.

If you chose to keep your pet’s ashes at home, we have a range of urns, indoor memorials and outdoor memorials that fit seamlessly into most home aesthetics. Keepsake boxes, caskets, and urns can be a fantastic way to remember your pet as they can be at home with you.

You may wish to share stories and pictures of your loved pets both past and present on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


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