Keeping your pets cool as cucumbers in hot weather

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Keeping your pets cool

Heatstroke is a serious problem for dogs and cats in the UK, according to animal charity, PDSA. Causing everything from panting to distress, dribbling, and (in some cases) death. It is a condition that can easily be avoided with a few preventive measures. Remember that heatstroke is just the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. Pets can also face everything from burned paws from hot pavements, right through to sunburn from being subjected to UV rays. Follow these tips to ensure your moggie or pooch remains comfortable and content, even as temperatures continue to soar!

A shady spot for sleepy shadow

If you live in the countryside area or have a garden, then without a doubt, this will be a favourite spot for your pets in the spring and summer. Ensure that they have a nice shady spot in which to escape from the sun’s rays when these get too intense. A shady tree over a soft spot of grass is ideal, but if you don’t have large trees, then a dog or cat house beneath a shaded terrace will work well for a nice cool nap in the Great Outdoors. Ensure there are water bowls outdoors, so your pets never feel thirsty when they cannot access their bowl indoors.

Bringing the temperature down

Many dogs (and some cats) like nothing more than sitting in a pool or body of water on hot days. If so, a small baby pool will be much appreciated. You can also cool your pets down by adding a couple of ice cubes to their water bowls. If your pets are not big drinkers, consider feeding wet food alongside their dry food, to bring up hydration levels. Bring your camera along during swimtime; pets in pools make for super-cute Instagram photos, indeed.

AC for brachycephalic pets

keeping pug pup cool

Weather in the UK has changed dramatically, with temperatures reaching 39C in some parts of England in July. For some dogs, air conditioning on ultra-hot days such as these can be a blessing. Delicate breeds that may benefit from this extra step include brachycephalic breeds (such as Himalayan cats, pugs, Boston terriers, and bulldog breeds), two-coated dogs (like Huskies and Pyrs), and big dogs (like St. Bernards and Bernese mountain dogs). Brachycephalic breeds in particular are at risk of respiratory distress, because they have a shorter airway. If you do opt for extra cooling, proper cleaning of air conditioners is key, to keep air quality optimal and to avoid allergens potentially affecting both humans and pets living in the home.

A pampering salon session

Brushing your cats and dogs regularly in warmer months will help remove excess fur. Use a deshedding glove for cats to keep them entranced while you give them a gentle massage. These gloves have small protrusions on them that entrap excess hair and make hair removal quick and painless for your pet.

No time like the summer for ice-cream

Puppy and kitty ice-cream is a lovely cool treat for pampered pets. This luxury can be a bit pricey, so if you prefer to make it at home, there are countless online recipes that will make the task a breeze. The easiest of all ice-creams would have to be banana. Just freeze ripe bananas beforehand, and pop them in a blender or put them through a juicer. The result will be similar in texture to a soft-serve ice-cream, so make a little extra for the humans in the family.

Summertime is one of the best seasons for pet lovers, who get a bit more time with their four-pawed friends. Keep your pets safe from the heat by providing plenty of shade and water, and by making a few cool treats for them to enjoy. A baby pool or shower will also do plenty to refresh your pets, so if you have a water-loving cat or an energetic dog, a quick dip may be the highlight of their day.

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