Kitten & Cat Checklist

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We’ve revisited this Kitten and Cat Checklist because we’ve felt there is more to consider when welcoming a new cat or kitten and thought some more detailed information would help.

So you’re thinking of getting a kitten or cat. I know from personal experience just how rewarding opening your home to a kitten or cat can be. However there’s more to it than how fluffy you want him or her to be.

If you are looking for a pedigree cat you will need to think about which breeds are better suited for certain lifestyles and find a reputable breeder. If you are looking for a common moggy then searching cat rescue centres may be more appropriate.

Talking of rescue centres have you considered re homing a kitten or cat or possibly even a much older cat? Unfortunately older cats that find themselves in a rescue centre face a long wait before being re-homed. There are thousands of cats in centres around the country that you could give your love too. Take a look at our post Tips For Adopting and Caring for Cats

There are other questions that also need answering when :

  • Do you work long hours?
  • Or do you have small children?
  • Are they going to be and indoor or outdoor cat?
  • Does your lifestyle even suit having a pet cat?
  • Does everyone in your household want a pet cat?

DON’T PANIC!  We’ll help you figure things out as best we can.

We don’t suggest getting your cat or kitten from online sites like Gumtree, Ebay or Facebook groups as those offering pets for sale aren’t always reputable breeders; so do your research and ask questions.

More often than not most people don’t take into account the continuous cost of caring for a pet! You will need to consider neutering, vaccines, food and holiday boarding fees.

So now you’ve chosen your cat or Kitten.  We’ve done the hard bit and listed a few things for you to now consider.

The Catlist… Oh we mean, Kitten & Cat Checklist:


Insurance is a must with all pets!

To be more specific, Lifetime Cover.  Some insurance policies will only cover your kitten for 12 months per condition and then after that time period the condition is excluded from further cover.

Regular Treatments 

Parasites, fleas and worms are all common and will require regular treatments to prevent infestations and your pet being uncomfortable or even ill. If you find your little friend behaving out of the ordinary then please seek advice from your vets.

Register with a vet

Other behaviour differences may be the result of something larger, so having a regular veterinarian to consult is ideal.

Groom Regularly

Start on day one; Get your kitten used to grooming, washing, nail clipping and most importantly TEETH BRUSHING.

Litter Boxes

We suggest always having 1 litter tray and a spare. If you have more than one cat then each should ideally have access to their own litter trays.

Cat Food/ Treats

Lily's Kitchen - Dry kitten food

Good quality ‘Complete diet’ ideally dry food. It’s better for your kitten’s teeth and we’ll be honest smells better.

Now treats; we think it’s something to stand firm on. Obesity is a problem in lots of pet’s especially indoor cats where exercise is limited; so please make sure that you account for them when you calculate how much you should be feeding your pet.

As part of their natural curiosity anything and everything will seem like something yummy to eat, there are some surprisingly common plants that are toxic to pets.


Kitten & Cat checklist - Scratching post

Toys & Scratching posts – The more toys the better and you’ll definitely need a scratching post to save the furniture and your ankles!  Above is a picture of a scratching post we particularly like.


You could also try making some toys that pets would love!

It is ever so easy to fall in love with a kitten and to take her home without fully considering all of the responsibilities. So we hope that this checklist will help you to plan when and how you bring a new bundle of fur into your family. The final point on this list is – have fun.

We hope you like our Kitten & Cat Checklist, if you think we’ve missed anything else. Please leave us a comment below.