Make Your Home Safe for Your Kitten to Explore

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You may have read our post Kitten Checklist in which case you now need to kitten or cat proof your home for your new furry friend because just like small children…. they will get into everything. A few small changes can provide an environment safe for your cat and save your furniture.

  • Not all plants are healthy so if you have a lot of indoor plants. It’s worth checking whether or not they are harmful.
  • They love to paw and chew. Any loose cords or wires are now play things. So keep them tucked, tied and out of the way. Cord organisers are now part of your life.
  • Cats love to climb up high and survey their territory. Curtains are a favourite “ladder”. To help stop curtain shredding you can buy or make a cat tree, perfect for your kitty to climb and relax without damaging your soft furnishings.
  • Keep lids closed. This goes for everything and anything! Toilets, rubbish bin, laundry baskets, washer and dryer doors. These are all things that kittens can get in trouble with when you aren’t looking.
  • Keep things out of reach. Things that you would normally keep on the side on your bedside tables, counter tops (cleaning supplies) or out in the open in your bathroom (medicines). Remember, you can’t be everywhere and you won’t see everything.
  • This goes back to keeping lids closed, small and warm places are ideal for your little cat or kitten to rest themselves.
    • Check small and warm places
    • Dryer
    • Dresser drawers
    • Baskets in closets
    • Fridge and freezers
  • Cat proof furniture. GET A SCRATCHING POST. We can’t stress enough how important this is and if used correctly can and will save your furniture. Eventually the scratching post will be a release for your cat or kitten.

  • Stock up on their toys (save the furniture). Always have back-ups in case one is lost or broken. Always have something to keep them occupied. It keeps them from turning on the furniture
  • Look out for hot spots. If you have an open fire or keep space heaters then I suggest getting covers for them or keeping your cat or kitten away from these rooms. ALWAYS remember to turn space heaters off when not in use or keep doors closed where ever possible.
  • Be Patient when kitten proofing. You may not get everything covered prior to your cat or kitten’s arrival. They very well may find somewhere you wouldn’t have thought about so just keep a watchful eye on them and if it’s somewhere they could potentially get in trouble then block it off and stop it from being an option.
  • Lock all window screens. We all know the small spaces they can squeeze into or through so let’s not forget this when it comes to windows. Just open them enough to air the room.

If you’re thinking about adopting and bringing home an older cat and want to make sure they settle in.


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