Why I love my dad’s pet crematorium

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A personal account from Jon Hale, son of the founder and owner of the Cambridge Pet Crematorium.

My name is Jon Hale, I’ve spent my life answering the childhood question of “what does your dad do?” with hesitation. My father owns a crematorium for pets. Which, may I say, I love; this is why.

Like many Englishmen, I am devoted to cats. My sister, mother and father are addicted to dogs. So there was never a dull moment in our home growing up. From Podo (my little black cat), Beboc (ginger), Zak (GSD), Ben (Border Collie), Gizmo (Chinese Crested), Bobby (Staffie), Buffy (Staffie) and the two loves of my life Tiberius (tabby) and Germanicus (ginger) and the list still continues… Lol.

Pet Memorials in the Cambridge Pet Crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance

These are more than just a pets, they are companions, friends and my case my children! The obvious pain is the eventual loss that shatters our hearts and much more. There’s no stopping life after all Podo was my first love to leave when I was thirteen, he had only been with me for two years before running into the road (the taker of many animals).

My father had Podo cremated and placed in a beech casket; I wrote a note and placed a picture of him and myself into the box that the casket sat in. From time-to-time I read my indecipherable note and remember the picture yet I know that he is resting peacefully with me, I can take him anywhere, which many cannot say.

My father gave me this security, explained the tragedy of death as he did the fruitfulness of life, he offers the same to you, so thank you Dad.

P.S. I love you Podo!