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We are a nation of animal lovers, whether you have cats, dogs, rabbits or reptiles, we love our pets. February 20th is Love Your Pet Day. So how can you celebrate love your pet day with you furry or feathered friend?

Take a trip to somewhere new

Are you a dog owner? Or do you have a horse? It is all too easy to slip into a routine when you go out. Try visiting somewhere different; both of you will enjoy the novelty and you may find a new favourite spot.

Give your pet a present

We have plenty of ideas for homemade toys for pet birds, some exciting treats and some awful puns with the Great British Bark Off or you can trying making toys for cats, dogs, birds and even lizards by following these simple DIY toy instructions.

Shop for your pet

DIY is not everyone’s forte. Consequently, you may prefer to buy your pet a present. Maybe you have nervous cat that would enjoy having a high vantage point a cat tree may provide. You may have a dog that has a chewing habit that could be alleviated with a Kong.

What about the pets that you had in the past?

Love your pet day can also include pets that have departed. The place they hold in your heart is just as big as ever and there are things you can do to commemorate them.

Write an online tribute

We provide an online pet tribute service. The service is free of charge and open to all pet owners. You are able to write your own tribute and attach a photograph of your departed pet. Once we have approved the tribute we will publish it to our website and share it on our Facebook page and across Twitter.

Create a pet memorial

Whether your pet was individually cremated and you have the ashes, or if you opted for a communal cremation, you may want to mark a favourite spot. Was there a particular place in your garden that your pet sun bathed? Placing a pet memorial where they liked to spend time is an ideal way to commemorate your departed pet. We offer a range of indoor or outdoor pet memorials.

In honour of your pets

We would love to see photos of your beloved pets. Each of our fluffy, scaly or feathery animals has its own personality and endear us with their own different characteristics. Tell us in the comments below why you love your pet and what they do to make you smile.


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