Make the most out of Halloween with your pet

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Halloween themed picture with pumpkins

Are we really nearing the END of October already?

This can only mean that Halloween is just round the corner. We know that Halloween is a love hate time for people. Hopefully you will only experience “trick or treaters” as adorable kids in costume.

Personally, I love Halloween. Even though my ‘trick or treat’ days are long gone, I really feel that getting into the spirit of Halloween and autumn activities can really lift your spirits. Whether you go big or small ENJOY YOURSELF!

Great Halloween outfit ideas to try this year:

I must say that pet costumes have really stepped it up and we here at CPC love it! I’ve searched far and wide to bring you a few ideas worth trying from classically simple to the elaborate from Popsugar.

Remember outfits aren’t for every pet, so know your cat or dog’s limitations. If you find that wearing costumes stresses them out or uncomfortable, don’t force it. If it’s not for them, you can always try something like a simple themed bandanas.

*IMPORTANT: make sure all costumes / outfits are comfortable, flame resistant, allows for normal movement and does not block the pet’s vision.

‘Hairy’ Potter

Halloween with pets - dog dressed as harry potter


Hot Dog

Halloween with pets - dog dressed in hot dog


Bat Cat

Halloween with pets - cat dressed as bat


Bloody Victim


Hula Pet



Thinking of staying in?…

Keep it Mellow!

It is possible to have a no-Halloween night at home.  Why not just leave a dish outside full of sweets for the treaters? Curl up on the sofa and treat your four legged pal AND yourself. There are so many great autumn themed pet treats for us to try as well as for our pets. So why not try to make a dog friendly pumpkin smoothie.

Or if you’re feeling completely anti Halloween a simple friendly note on the door to let others know you’re not partaking is a good way for people to know not to knock on your door.

Safety Tips:

  • Keep cats and dogs inside
  • Make sure collar and tag details are up to date in case they get scared and run away.
  • If your dog is protective and like to bark at strangers, put them in a separate room if and when trick or treaters arrive.
  • Do not take your dog trick or treating- Especially if your dog is particularly anxious. Just imagine it from their point of view. It’s dark, scary costumes and hyper children – Not a great mix.

We hope you have a GREAT Halloween!!!

*Special note*

Sometimes cats aren’t treated with the most kindness around this time of year, so please keep your cats indoors and protected for a few days before and after.

 Also,  many pets tend to go missing on Halloween night. They can find people constantly coming at the door overwhelming and will try to dart out if they get the chance. Please keep your dog/cat away from the door during trick or treating.