National Pet Show 2017 at the Excel London

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National Pet Show 2017We are really excited to be at the National Pet Show 2017 at the Excel Centre in London. We have booked our tickets and designed a brand new stand to showcase our pet cremation services.

This year we’re in the dog zone but it’s directly opposite the cat zone so we’re sure to get our fix of fluffy felines! There’s so much going on this year and it proves to be all very exciting.  If you’re out just to enjoy the weekend or looking for information on the next furry or scaly love of your life, then look no further, the National Pet Show 2017 has it all!

This year there’s a mix of old and new activities and attractions to keep you and your family entertained. And of course, Noel Fitzpatrick will be there giving live talks and insight on the filming of Supervet and his clinical work.

So here’s a quick overview of what to expect in London. We can’t wait to see you all there!

National Pet Show 2017

Calling all canine and cat lovers!

The dog zone (where we’ll be) is where you get to ask just about anything you want to know about your favourite breeds. With expert talks and live grooming demonstrations, there’ll be plenty to see. There will be performances in the dog activity ring, highlights include a Staffordshire Bull Terrier display and an amazing game of temptation alley. If you love dogs as much as us we think you’ll be in doggy heaven.

Feline fanciers. In the cat zone, you’ll get to meet various breeds and a host of experts will give advice on your choice of breed, care and training. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF), Cat Grooming and Cat Care will be hosting talks.

If small furry and scaly is your fancy

The Small Furries Zone is where you need to be. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet all kinds of small furries and enjoy the secret rabbit garden coming back bigger and better this year with mini obstacles, soil mountains and willow jumps. With bunny experts on hand to talk about rabbit welfare and talk about giving your bunnies the best living conditions.

If you have a goldfish in a bowl or a fully stocked aquarium then you should check out the aquatic zone sponsored by Fluval. The eye-catching displays and colourful fish were a favourite of ours last year and will be worth visiting this year. You’ll also have a chance to win a souvenir prize to take home.

New to the show – Pets as Therapy

The ’Pets as therapy’ area provides a place to relax and unwind after a long day. You can also get a cuddle from Doug the Pug and some of his friends and find out about the important work therapy dogs carry out.

This year’s National Pet Show 2017 is not to be missed. With lots of brand new attractions, this is a great day out for all the family. If you’re interested in two, four, or more legged creatures then the National Pet Show 2017 is where you need to be!

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