New Kitten Checklist: Everything You Need To Know

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Kittens! They are so cute with big eyes, sharp claws and inquisitive natures! Is this your first kitten? Then hopefully our checklist will give you a heads up as to what you need!

Quite recently we wrote a blog post all about tips for adopting and caring for your cat. In that post we talked about the need for private spaces. We also touched on food and discussed a bit about health and well being of your cat.

As we were writing the post, a thought occurred to us! Perhaps a nice checklist tailored to kittens would be really useful? We decided to dedicate this week’s mini blog to kittens and what to expect with your new ball of fluff. Our checklist is below, feel free to print it off and use it for your new kitty.


Kitten proof!

Much like child proofing your home, make sure your home is fairly kitten proof. They like to get into little gaps and will play with anything that looks like fun! This can include electrical wires. Kittens are much better climbers than dogs, so remember this when kitten-proofing!

Kittens love a good explore, and they will do this as often as possible! Make sure your kitten isn’t unsupervised while he’s exploring. Allow him some freedom to explore but be ready to jump in and take him away from places he shouldn’t be in.

It’s worth noting that kittens should not be allowed outside until they have been fully vaccinated and are over 4 months old. This allows them time to grow bigger, stronger and make sure they don’t pick up any nasty bugs before vaccinations. Use this indoor exploring time to bond with your new kitty. Use her name often when you do as this will help her know what her name is!


Sleepy kitties

Kittens sleep a lot. We mean a LOT! They can be so funny when they are falling asleep too! You could be playing with your kitten one moment, turn around and he’s nodding off right in front of you! Expect your new friend to sleep a lot in the first few weeks. Provide them with a nice soft, comfortable place to snooze.



Health and Safety

Once vaccinated, your kitten will be able to go outside and enjoy their exploring time on their own. Beforehand they will probably get a little bit of cabin fever and want to explore some of those natural behaviours indoors, this includes scratching. It’s a good idea to get (or make!) a scratching post for your kitten and teach him to use it. Usually all that is required is to pick him up and pop him on the scratching post when you catch him scratching something he shouldn’t. This gentle discipline should be all that is needed but you can reinforce it with a firm “no!” if he continues.

Cats and kittens are generally very clean animals and you will be surprised to see how often your kitten cleans herself without being taught. It is a natural behaviour and is great for us! We’ve suggested you get a brush and some nails clippers, but some breeds will need these very infrequently. Brushing and grooming your kitten can lead to less fur balls, but it will also grow the bond between you both.


Ready to go?

If you’re feeling ready to go with your adoption, check out Cats Protection. They have even more fabulous tips on cat care as well as advice on adopting and re-homing cats. Cats Protection help around 200,000 cats per year find their forever homes and are well worth a visit.

Below you will find our new kitten checklist to check all the bits you’ll want. We really love cats & kittens and would love to see pictures of your little fur balls (big and small, young & old!) on our Facebook & Twitter feeds!