Our pet cremation team in Scotland welcomes a new manager

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Pet Cremations Scotland

The Caledonian Pet Crematorium welcomes a new manager, Ada Harking, to the team. Her appointment is to build on the excellent service already provide by our Scottish pet cremation team. Ada joined the team last year after Hazel Brown tragically lost her battle with cancer.

Ada said, “I have joined the team at CPC at a difficult time. Hazel was a loved colleague and leader and is sadly missed. It would be impossible for anyone to replace her. The team that Hazel has built here at the Caledonian Pet Crematorium is a tribute to her.

I look forward to building on the excellent work in creating a team that focuses on pet owners in Scotland. A team that delivers a dignified and compassionate pet cremation service.”

20 years’ experience in the Scottish pet cremation sector

Ada brings with her over 20 years’ experience of working in the Scottish pet Cremation industry. In addition, Ada is a trained and experienced bereavement advisor. Consequently, she has a wealth of experience and contacts to call upon. The goal; to deliver an excellent service to both our veterinary customers and pet owners looking to make their pet’s final journey special.

Ada said, “Experiencing pet loss and the strength of emotion, I understand how important it is to provide an excellent service. Which is why I am delighted to be joining such an excellent team. Especially one that has  a lot of experience providing support for bereaved pet owners.”

Ada added, “having worked in the veterinary industry as well I can see the benefits of veterinary professionals being able to share their knowledge of the pet cremation process. Which is why we are keen to welcome veterinary professionals to visit the crematorium to see what exactly takes place.”

Providing a pet cremation service to Scottish pet owners

Ada and her team are experts in providing pet cremation services to pet owners in Scotland. The Livingston crematorium is ideal for pet owners based in Edinburgh, Glasgow and surrounding areas that wish to attend their pet’s cremation. In addition, the Caledonian Pet Crematorium collects departed pets from veterinary practices across Scotland, Northern England and Northern Ireland.

CPC invest in a garden of remembrance

The official opening of the gardens of remembrance took place in 2017. The Gardens, opened by Donna Kennedy – Scotland’s most capped Rugby player, provide a quiet place for owners to remember their departed pet.

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