Our 10 favourite YouTube Pet Videos

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We LOVE them! Most of all we love filming them and thanks to technology we can now remember these pet videos, over and over again and even better share them with the world!

There so many clips floating around it’s hard to know which to watch, so we’ve searched high and low for funniest, most adorable.

So here are our favourite 10 pet video clips for you to enjoy – We can’t get enough.

The Clip Countdown 

10. Original surprised Kitty

It’s still as cute now as it was when it was released.

9. Dog gets massaged

He is in complete serenity. Me next!

8. Golden Retrievers first jump and swim

Well this is just precious.

7. Dog doesn’t understand the stairs

Oh poor guy, he really does not like the stairs.

6. Kitten takes a bath

I don’t think many cats would be this chilled especially with that shower hat on.

5. Sleepy puppy falls asleep on baby

We’ve posted this video before on our Facebook page but in case you missed it. Here it is again

4. Pirate cat

I don’t think anything else needs to be said. Enjoy!

3. Kitten getting tucked into bed

Well isn’t this puurfect.

2. Elton the cat refuses to walk on a lead

It’s not for every cat.

1. Dogs honks horn for owners

I’m sure deep down all pets have wanted to do this to their owners.


We hope you enjoyed a few of our favourite videos. Let us know which was your favourite clip in the comment section below.

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