Here are some of our favourite DIY Easter pet costumes

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Easter basket filled with coloured eggs

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If you’re like me then any occasion, is an occasion to dress up. The same goes for my pet. Which is why I have collected some of my favourite DIY Easter pet costumes to share with you.

So with Easter round the corner, why not try making your own costumes. Here are 3 very easy DIY Easter pet costumes for you and your pet to enjoy. Well we think you will enjoy them but do pets enjoy dressing up? Only you can tell.

Favourite DIY Easter Pet Costumes

3. Bunny Ears

   DIY Easter Pet Costumes - dog with bunny ears

This has got to be the easiest but it’s real a people pleaser.

Now we’ve shown you images for the simple version using pipe cleaners and a slightly more developed version, for all of you that really want to get stuck in.

Please remember that whilst bunny ears are a bit of fun, please keep chocolate bunnies away from your dog.

2. Petalled Collar costume

Cat with DIY Easter Costume - Petalled collar costume around neck

This one requires a little more in the way of sewing skills but the end result is just too cute. The petalled collar costume is great for both cats and dogs although they might not agree if they had anything to say about it – in fact they may say it’s the cone of shame.

Why not give this costume a try? Perfect for  Easter and Spring.

1. Bee costume

Dog in DIY bumblebee costume

It’s sure to be a popular costume and bring in some laughs for family and friends.

If you are feeling especially creative and want a bumblebee with flare, then this DIY pet Easter costume is for you. It’s a lot more work than the other outfits but I think it’s worth it.


So whatever you decide to try this Easter, just have fun. Don’t be offended if your pet try’s to burst out of his/her outfit. If you would like to share a photo of your pet’s costume you can share it to our Facebook page.