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Although the holiday season is fun, it still is a very stressful time of the year, with our pet safety tips for the holidays you can learn how to keep your pets safe. There are so many things that need to be taken care of: finding the right holiday outfit, trying to make exciting plans for New Year’s Eve, cleaning and decorating before the guests arrive, and picking the holiday gifts for your loved ones. With all these details to take care of, it’s easy for you to forget to pay attention to a few important things, for example, your pets.

No matter what pet you have, a dog, a cat, or a hamster, all pets are entitled to attention and care. This is especially true for the time around the holidays, as during this time your house is prone to more hazards than the usual time. There are some holiday decorations that, although appear innocent, may pose a safety threat to your pet.

Then there are certain holiday foods, if eaten by your dog, can leave them very sick. You also need to think about the company that comes over, if they are posing any threat to your pet or not. So read on below to learn of a few pet care tips to ensure the safety of your pet during this holiday season.

Keep pets away from harmful food

The holiday season is filled with special foods that make the time more enjoyable for us. But some of these can be harmful to your dog. Macadamia nuts can be poisonous for dogs, chocolate, ham and bacon, raisins, turkey bones, eggnog, any food containing a lot of onions and garlic, and nutmeg. Keep your dog away from all these foods as they can cause your dog to get sick.

Give your pet some physical exercise before holiday visitors arrive

It is normal to have your friends and family come over to your place to celebrate the holidays. After all, it’s not fun to celebrate alone right? You must remember though that although it is fun for you to have a lot of people over at tour place, it might be very overwhelming and stressful for your dog. This can cause them to get very destructive due to getting over-excited.

The best way to deal with this is to take them out for a long walk before the arrival of your guests. Long walks are great exercise for the dogs and are enough to tire them out so that they don’t get stressed.

Get rid of the wrapping paper

Opening gifts during the holidays is surely something we all love to do. It’s filled with excitement and joy, but by being reckless we sometimes forget to clean the wrapping paper. We just throw it on the floor. This is hazardous as your dog or cat might eat some of it when they play with it.

And if they end up eating too much paper then it will damage their intestines and will result in them falling sick. So it’s best to keep the wrapping paper out of your pet’s reach by always cleaning it up right away.

Get a pet-friendly Christmas tree

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of every holiday celebration. We know how much fun it is for you to decorate your tree and how they look lovely in your home. But they can be hazardous for your pet. They can make the tree fall by jumping on it. They can ingest the needles of the fallen pines which could give them digestive problems. It’s too easy for your pet to injure themselves on glass ornaments. They can break the glass and hurt themselves, or worse yet, they might even ingest it.

You should clean up the tree on a regular basis. This ensures the needles are minimised and you can try to put up a baby gate around the tree to keep it off-limits from your pets as much as possible.

Create a safe zone for your pets

When you have a lot of people over during the holidays, it can get stressful for the pets living inside the house. So whenever you are hosting a big party for your friends, create a safe corner for your pets. You can choose a room in the house that is on the quieter side. Get some treats, water, and their favourite toys to accompany your pet inside the room. Restrict access of outside guests to that room, letting your pets feel secure and comfortable even when there is a big party going on in the other part of the house.

Be careful of what your guests feed your pet

It’s natural and expected for you to know what to feed your dog. But your guests might not know that. So if your dog is nearby when your guests are eating. Then ask your guests not to feed anything to your pets from the table. This precaution will pay off as it is the safest option.

Keep them away from Christmas plants

Many of you choose to decorate with real Christmas-themed plants during the holidays. While this certainly brings a festive and natural look to your home, some of these plants can be making your pets sick. For instance, mistletoe and holly may be slightly toxic and can make your pet really sick if they consume it. So be aware of these plants that have a big possibility of making your pet really sick.

Buy them the right gifts

When it’s the holidays and you’re buying gifts for everyone, you need to remember that your pets need to be pampered too. You must make sure that the gift you get for them is appropriate. If you are buying toys then remember that dogs can chew and destroy them very easily. Especially if they are made with cheap materials.

Make sure that you don’t go overboard with treats and that you only buy good quality gifts. Your pet might be a sensitive eater and ingesting too much chocolate and candies can be very damaging. Candies are now sometimes made with xylitol. A sugar substitute that can cause the blood sugar level to drop, seizures, and liver damage. So don’t buy such gifts for them.


Pets are our loyal companions and it is our responsibility to give them a secure and safe life. As holidays are a time for rejoicing and celebration we might slip from our usual precautions. So follow the above tips and ensure that you are taking care of your pet dog or cat this holiday season.

Josh Cobbe is an animal tender heart who has been working for a long time to bring helpless dogs back home. Through his efforts, it has already been possible to reunite many helpless dogs with new families. He is a certified dog trainer who helps people make friends with their dogs.”

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