The importance of professional pet photography

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Pet photography. Worth it or just a fad for over pampered pooches? At Finlay Pet Photography, we think it’s 100% worth getting professional portraits of your pets taken. Let us explain why.


Pets as part of the family

According to the PDSA, it’s estimated that 49% of UK adults have some kind of pet living in with them. Cats and dogs are nearly neck and neck with 25% of UK adults having cats and 24% having dogs. Just for kicks, there are over 1 million pet rabbits in UK households too!

What does this tell us about our attitudes to pet guardianship? We hear it nearly every day about how Millenials are delaying having children, but they’re not delaying having pets. They may not be able to buy a house until they’re older, but they are making sure that the house they do buy has a great garden for their dogs and cats to roam around in. Many middle-earner couples are having pets as a “trial run” for children, and with the advancements in veterinary options, pets are living longer with more options for life-altering surgery should they need it.

The importance of pet photography

So if pets have become more and more ingrained as part of our families, it goes to pass that the pet industry is booming. There’s much more call for doggy day-care, accessories and clothing, great medical care, and yes, pet photography!

I think it’s important to take pictures, but there’s a big difference between a snap and a photo portrait. I genuinely believe that each one has their place. Taking a cute picture of your cat playing with her feather toy, or your dog when he’s sleeping upside down on the sofa, and sharing it on social media has become part of everyday life, but that differs from photography.

Professional Pet Photography

That professional touch

Hiring a professional photographer ensures you have photos of your pets looking their best. Professional pet photography means selecting the very best images of your beloved pets, and then displaying them. It’s very rare that we will print images from our phones or even digital cameras. It’s even rarer that those images are suitable for proper prints. A professional photographer can make sure the images and the print quality is second to none, meaning you don’t miss out, and your pet’s portrait can hang pride of place with the family photos.

When hiring a pet photographer, there are a few more things to consider than just shall I get my pet groomed? Decide what sort of images you want, do you want casual outdoor photos? Would you like studio photos that will sit nicely with the kids’ school photos? Are you getting ready to show your pet and you want to make sure his portfolio shows his best side? Maybe you want some action shots of your pet doing agility or games such as flyball?

Treasured memories

The sad fact is that we usually outlive our pets and when your pet is no longer with you, having professional photos to look at can really help ease the grief. You can look back at your day to day snapshots and laugh and smile about the crazy stuff he got up to. The silly angles he liked to sleep in, his nose poking out of his favourite blanket, that holiday you took where he ate your chips… but it’s the portraits you’ll look back on with pride. You’ll look back and go “didn’t he look healthy there” and “he looked so handsome in that photo”.

Pet photography isn’t just a fad for pampered pooches. At Finlay Pet Photography we strongly believe that it can be a wonderful addition to your family photo album, and a treasured memory when your pet is no longer with you.

Finlay Pet Photography

Finlay Pet Photography was founded in 2018, by a  photographer and dog lover, Niki Younie. The name is in honour of Niki’s Manchester Terrier dog, Finlay, who passed away a year before. Finlay was looked after by the wonderful team at CPC in Cambridge.

We’d love to take photos of your pets. We are in two main locations in the UK: Wiltshire & The South West, and Essex and East Anglia. Working with a mobile studio we can either take beautiful portraits of your pets indoors or lovely casual outdoor photos. We take photos of every kind of pets (except arachnids -sorry!) from dogs and cats to chickens, snakes, and turtles! Check out our Instagram page to see some of our stars!

If you’re ready to think about having some photographs of your pets taken, get in touch to discuss your ideas, we’d love to hear from you!



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