Quick and easy cleaning tips for homes with pets

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Having pets is very much like having children, and just like children, our pets can create havoc making it harder to keep the home clean. Whilst pets and children may not agree with you, both need to be clean to be happy and healthy.

Home cleaning tips for pet owners

Here are some easy to following home cleaning tips to help you maintain a clean and healthy home for you and your fur babies:

Create a pet cleaning routine

Cats and dogs will require a certain amount of grooming. Depending on the animal, the routine can be quite simple or quite complex.

For example, most cats require very little in the way of regular grooming. Unless you have a long-haired cat that may get knots in his/her fur; then you should adopt a routine of frequent grooming.

If you have a dog, your routine is likely to be more complex. As a rule of thumb, aim to brush your dog’s teeth 2-3 times a week and clip their nails twice a month. In addition, it is advisable to groom and bathe your dog once a month (certain breeds will need to be groomed far more regularly than this). Be sure to use a shampoo specifically for dogs. It can help to groom a puppy more frequently so that your puppy becomes familiar with the routine. This will help to make grooming easier as your puppy grows into an adult dog.

By creating a routine your pet will be more comfortable with the process, making it easier for you to keep them clean and healthy.

Have a dedicated pet cleaning station

cleaning tips for pet owners

You can either have a dedicated spot or corner in your home for cleaning your pets. If space is limited and there isn’t room for a dedicated cleaning station, a dedicated draw where you can keep all of your grooming kit together in one place will save you time and stress. Especially, when you have a wet dog with muddy paws that wants to shake itself dry.

You can also include items such as pet wipes, pet shampoo and conditioner, pet towels, nail clippers, toothbrushes, and grooming brushes. There also tools we would recommend for cleaning the home. For example, a lint roller can quickly clean pet hairs from soft furnishings. A solution of baking soda in a spray bottle is a cheap and easy way to remove pet stains. You should check all of your cleaning products to ensure that they are safe to use around pets.

Invest in a good vacuum cleaner

How can a single animal produce so much fur? Well, that is what I wonder when tidying up dog hair from my dog. The best advice I can provide here is to invest in a good vacuum. There are vacuum cleaners with air filters that can help alleviate an allergic reaction to pet dander, cleaners that can also wash carpets, and cleaners with brushes designed to collect pet hairs. You can even invest in a robot vacuum and set it to clean whilst you are out.

Ventilate your home

Good ventilation in your home has several benefits. Ventilation not only reduces pet smells and keeps the air fresh. However, if you have a caged pet such as a hamster or songbird you need to ensure that their cage is safely away from any draughts as small pets are vulnerable to chills.

Clean your pet’s toys, dishes and beds frequently

Do not forget your pet’s toys, beds, and dishes. They should be cleaned and washed frequently to keep them clean. If you can we recommend that you choose a machine washable dog bed, or use covers that can be washed.

When the weather allows, drying them in the sun will also help to keep them free from germs.

Please share cleaning tips for pet owners in the comments section.


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  1. Martin says:

    Good advice, I know some of this may mean a change of routine, depending on what you want to do, or what you get done, with as many pets at home you have, however, it’s nice to be reminded that it’s important to keep on top of the responsibility we have to, well, the ones we love!

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