What should you feed your pet rabbit?

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Rabbits are among the cutest of small pets you can own. However, a rabbit’s diet is the biggest cost and worry for pet owners. Knowing what to feed your pet rabbit to ensure they thrive can be confusing and costly. Furthermore, a poor diet for your bunny can lead to higher vet bills. For all these reasons, it is essential to know what you should feed your pet rabbit so both you and your floppy-eared friend are happy.

What do rabbits eat?
Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

Feeding your pet rabbit with dry food

If your rabbit lives in a cage as most bunnies do, the best food option is dry food. Of course, dry food is low in fibre. You should always combine dry food with other kinds of food. For example, fresh food rich in various vitamins and minerals.

The two main types of dry food for rabbits you can purchase from a pet store include mixed food and pellets. The former is made from processed ingredients such as dried vegetables. Mixed food resembles cereals humans eat. Manufacturers mix the ingredients with bright colourants which are, needless to say, not very healthy. The most quality kinds of mixed food are the ones that contain the least amount of artificial colours.

Pellets, on the other hand, are made from dry grass so it’s a healthier food choice. However, your pet rabbit will often leave pellets aside if it has other food options. That is why pellets should be served to your bunny only a few times a week, separately from other types of food, such as fruit. The serving should be based on the rabbit’s body weight in the ratio of 25 grams per kilogram of the animal’s weight.

Consuming fruits

Like humans, a balanced diet for a rabbit should include fruit on a daily basis. The quantity, however, doesn’t have to be large because an apple or a pear per day is more than enough for your rabbit. The high content of natural-occurring sugar inside fruit might raise their alertness so don’t feed them too many apples, these should be considered a treat.

Rabbit food brands

The mixed food and pellets we have listed earlier come in packages of various sizes. But it is more important to carefully read the label than bulk buy food, even if it means spending less money. In terms of pellets, Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets is a good rabbit food option. Other brands and products suitable for your pet rabbit’s diet are Manna Pro Feed for Rabbit, Supreme Russel Rabbit Food, and Vitakraft VitaSmart Pet Rabbit Food.

In general, shop for brands whose products are rich in protein, don’t contain any extra sugar, contain a lot of fibres, Dhs Omega acids, and essential fatty acids. Finally, the existence of timothy grass in the mixture is an extra sign of quality.

Eating plenty of leafy greens and hay

Rabbit eating greens

When it comes to your rabbit’s dental health, leafy greens are the best choice possible. Feeding your pet a handful of leafy greens every day will keep their teeth healthy and provide the animal with an abundance of nutrients. A diverse diet is important for leafy greens so mix at least three different plant species, such as kale, spinach, cabbage, watercress, etc.
Another good tip is to always leave a bundle of hay as large as the rabbit itself out in your pet’s hut. Trust us, after a while, your rabbit will start nibbling on it out of pure curiosity if nothing else. Quality Timothy hay will keep your rabbit healthy and full.

The importance of hydration

Asides from getting hydration through their food, rabbits need to drink plenty of water. Be sure to refill their water container several times a day if possible. If your rabbit lives outside or in a cage that is outdoors, be mindful that water will get contaminated faster. In addition, water can even freeze in low temperatures, leaving your beloved pet exposed to the danger of dehydration. Finally, algae can accumulate at the rim of the water bowl after some time so be sure to clean it on a regular basis.
We hope that now you have a better understanding of the types of food your pet rabbit should be fed. Remember, a well-balanced diet is the key to a healthy, happy bunny.

Tips on feeding your rabbit

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