Why You Should Consider Reptiles

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Reptiles make fantastic pets. There, we’ve said it.

They come in all shapes, sizes, colours and species. Snakes, tortoises, geckos, bearded dragons. Reptiles make fantastic pets, and this post is all about why!

When you consider adding a pet to the family, the choice can feel limited to cat or dog. Have we got enough time to exercise a dog? Will a cat be happy in a small flat? These questions can feel prohibitive, but what if there was another type of pet? A pet that will fit into any family situation, any home, and any lifestyle? A pet that is still a great companion?


Enter the Reptiles

Due to the way reptiles have evolved, there are options for everyone. From tiny tree frogs, medium sized geckos, giant iguanas, and even ancient turtles that can be passed down the family generations!


Reptiles do not have fur and aquatic species do not harbour dust mites, so they are great if anyone in your household suffers from allergies. When you keep a reptile’s vivarium or aquarium clean, they are fairly mess and smell free!

Most reptiles will get to recognise their owners, and even form special bonds with them, meaning you don’t have to miss out on that pet-owner-relationship!

General maintenance is –for the most part- fairly low with most reptile species. Depending on which species you go for, they can be left alone for long periods (if you work) or even overnight in some cases, just remember they are still pets and do require some love and attention. Most reptiles don’t require any extra form of exercise (such as walks, etc), training or any grooming habits.

There are a lot of reptile species that don’t need to be fed regularly and most eat a lot less food than their similar sized mammal counterparts due to their slower metabolism. Some species will require feeding once a day and a few only a couple of times a month. Many species of reptile can live on prepared food, so will not require live food, and some are even vegetarian!


“On average, reptiles live longer than smaller pets such as hamsters and goldfish.” Tweet this


On average, reptiles live longer than smaller pets such as hamsters and goldfish. This makes them great for a long-term family pet!

Some species of reptile are rare, but thriving in home vivariums. You could join a growing number of people taking up species conservation from their own living room!

In comparison to animals such as dogs or cats, reptiles are a fairly low-cost investment. The start-up costs of a vivarium or aquarium can seem like a big investment, but general running costs (new lights, food, etc) work out lower for reptiles over their life time than the average cat!

Reptiles at Petrest

Here at Petrest we have had the opportunity to see many different reptile species, both big and small, and we know they’ve been a well loved member of the family. One of the greatest things about reptiles as pets is that there is a huge variety to choose from, so why not see if you can add a scaly friend to your family?

Do you have a reptile? Does your reptile have a particularly amazing vivarium or aquarium to live in? We’d love to see some pictures on our Facebook & Pinterest pages! Maybe you’ve become a lizard lover or have a crush on a crocodile and want to know where to find one? Head over to our Facebook page or Tweet us to join in the conversations!



3 responses to “Why You Should Consider Reptiles”

  1. It never crossed my mind that reptiles are great pets for those who suffer from allergies. One of my cousins wants to get his son a pet to learn responsibilities. Since he is alergit¿c to dogs, maybe a lizard or turtle could be a great pet for him.

  2. Luke Smith says:

    I like that you talked about how reptiles live longer than smaller pets such as hamsters and goldfish on average. Our new apartment allows pets, so I am thinking of buying one soon, preferably a reptile. So for that, I am thinking of visiting a reptile shop later.

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