Win a Pet Friendly Holiday

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Finding a pet friendly holiday is getting easier with companies actively welcoming our furry friends. For example, Premier Cottages provide information about which of their locations allow our pets to join the rest of the family.

Dog Welcome Packs

Not only that, but some of their locations now actively seek to welcome dogs with the introduction of dog welcome bundles, which include items such as blankets, treats and toys.

So how can you win a pet friendly holiday? 

Petrest will be at this year’s National Pet Show on the 7th & 8th May in London and in Birmingham on the 5th & 6th November.

All visitors to our stand can enter into a free prize draw. The winner of the draw will be given a voucher worth £250 which is being donated by our friends at Premier Cottages.

The voucher can be used as part payment towards a holiday or against a weekend get away.

Why the UK?

Whilst we may not have the best weather, we certainly have some of the best scenery, and it’s on our doorstep making it easier to take all of our family. What better way to wind down and take things at a slower pace than to head off into the countryside for a long walk? Or maybe to find a nice country pub?

Travel tips for travelling with your pet

Here are a few tips to ensure both you and your dog have a good time:

  • Tire out your dog before travelling
  • Don’t let your boundaries drop – a happy dog knows the rules
  • Whilst we may be hoping for a hot summer, don’t forget to protect your dog from the wet and cold.
  • Make sure the contact information on your dog’s tag or microchip is up to date.
  • Please remember, dogs can suffer fatal heat stroke in a matter of minutes, don’t leave them unattended in cars.
  • Keep your dog on the lead around sheep and cattle

Follow these tips and keep your dog happy.