About our cat cremation services

We understand the bond that grows between owner and cat. It’s likely that you have shared your home for many years and shared many family milestones. Pet hardly seems the right word for a family member.

Each cat that enters our lives fills our hearts with warmth and joy, creating a special bond which deserves to be remembered. This is why, at CPC, we feel privileged to be chosen to help support you and explain the cat cremation options available to you.

Whether you need us to collect your departed cat from your home or veterinary practice we are on hand to provide a cremation service your cat deserves. You can also choose to attend your cat’s cremation and bring his or her ashes home on the same day. To discuss your requirements call one of our trained bereavement advisors.

Cat cremation services

Attend your cat's cremation

We welcome all cat owners to attend their cat's cremation. At all of our crematoria we have a customer reception and viewing room where you can say your final farewells and, if you choose, you can watch your cat being placed into their own cremation chamber via CCTV.

Cat cremation

No other animal is as independent, playful or as charming as our cats. This perfect combination creates an enduring place in your heart and memories that you will cherish long after they are gone. Our individual cat cremation prices start from £123.00

Sleeping cat urn

We offer a range of containers for your cat's ashes. The range includes our popular sleeping cat urn - you can also choose from our range including photo frames, urns, wooden caskets and jewellery.