Celebrating National Hug Your Dog Day with CPC Cares

April 10th every year marks an unofficial, yet heartwarming occasion known as National Hug Your Dog Day. While not recognised as an official holiday, this day serves as a gentle reminder for dog owners to shower their furry companions with extra love and affection.

Who will look after my pet if I die?

Our pets are not just animals; they are our cherished companions and vital members of our family. They bring us joy, enrich our lives, and provide unwavering loyalty. However, they also depend on us entirely. That’s why it’s crucial to plan for their future, in case we become unable to care for them any longer. […]

Coronation Celebrations

Well, the Easter holiday weekend didn’t disappoint; true to our UK weather, it was a mixed bag of beautiful sunshine one minute and rain the next! From the number of dogs out and about with their owners, takeaway coffees in hand whilst dodging the showers, no one seemed to be bothered about getting wet.

Showing your love this Valentine’s Day

Every day is a special day, but there’s one day in particular that is recognised as the day to declare our love, and that’s 14th February… Valentine’s Day! Have you noticed an increase in the adverts on TV promoting Valentine’s Day? When doing your weekly supermarket shop, usual products have mysteriously moved, and in their place are all manner of red heart-shaped items?

Have a happy, healthy 2023

On the 1st January, lots of us made the pledge to have a happy, healthy 2023, so what better way to start than with plenty of walks and fresh air? Walking is not only good for our physical state, but it is great for our mental health as well, especially walking in nature!

Christmas thoughts

With the recent generous helping of snow, there’s no mistaking it’s nearly Christmas! Here are our Christmas thoughts to get you through the festive season…

How to tackle fleas and worms, even in winter!

As the weather starts to change and there’s a nip in the air, there’s just one question on everyone’s lips… ‘Is it too early to turn on the heating?’ Well, as soon as we do, it’s celebration time for fleas! Read on for how to tackle fleas and worms, even in winter.

What to do when the time comes to say goodbye

Losing such an important family member is never going to be easy and can leave us with a profound feeling of loss, sadness and heartbreak. Preparing for the end of a pet’s life may seem like a strange or even morbid thing to do, but knowing what to do when the time comes to say goodbye to your fur-baby may help you with your grieving process later down the line.

Showing some love for our pets this Valentine’s Day

There are many types of love; platonic love, unrequited love, but maybe the best love of all, is unconditional love from our fur babies. Whether they’re old or young, still with us or have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, join us in showing some love for our pets this Valentine’s Day.
According to the British Red Cross, more than 9 million people in the UK say they often, or always feel lonely at some point in their life, and since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, feelings of loneliness have only gotten worse.