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Coronation Celebrations

Well, the Easter holiday weekend didn’t disappoint; true to our UK weather, it was a mixed bag of beautiful sunshine one minute and rain the next! From the number of dogs out and about with their owners, takeaway coffees in hand whilst dodging the showers, no one seemed to be bothered about getting wet. Smiles and wagging tails returned the minute the sun reappeared from behind a cloud. After all, to our four-legged friends, a walk is a walk!

Slightly more concerning though, is what the weather is going to be like over the long bank holiday weekend for the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III. To mark this momentous occasion, the Prime Minister has declared an additional bank holiday on Monday 8th May to give people across the country the opportunity to come together as families and communities to join in the Coronation celebrations and welcome His Majesty to the throne.

The coronation celebrations will start on Saturday 6th May and run through to Monday 8th May, and what a fantastic line up:

  • Saturday 6th May: Coronation service in Westminster Abbey; coronation procession; Buckingham Palace balcony
  • Sunday 7th May: Concert and lightshow at Windsor Castle; Coronation Big Lunch Street Parties
  • Monday 8th May: Extra bank holiday; Big Help Out encouraging people to get involved in local volunteering.

There will be 30 open-air major locations, in towns and cities in the four nations of the UK, that will host a big screen showing King Charles III’s coronation, to make it easier for everyone to take part and have a memorable experience to mark this exciting and historic event.

The Big Help Out

The Big Help Out is planned to be the biggest volunteering event of 2023. With over 200 national charities, and countless community groups, working together to inspire charitable actions during the Coronation weekend. If you would like more information about how you could be part of something rewarding and memorable, click here.

One event in particular, ‘The Big Walk,’ organised by the Cinnamon Trust, is one that you and your pets would both enjoy; getting some exercise, making new friends, and promoting the great work this charity does to support the community. The Cinnamon Trust is a National Charity for the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets. They offer peace of mind and practical help for people, and offer love, care, and safety for pets.

For more information about ‘The Big Walk’ and how you can get involved, click here.

Your time to celebrate

What a fabulous three-day event we have in store and no doubt we will all be keeping a close eye on the weather forecast! The great British weather is not something we can control but, whatever it brings, you can be sure there will be street parties full of people and pets celebrating this momentous occasion.

Creating a party vibe to bring everyone together, old neighbours and new, is all part of the fun. You may have already noticed a sea of red, white, and blue items on display in shop windows and on shelves, waiting to adorn trestle tables lining street parties. There are even matching union jack outfits for pet parents and their fur babies! Many traditional items such as union jack flags, bunting, streamers and tablecloths are now made from bio-degradable paper, so you can celebrate in style and be sustainable too. Don’t forget to take some photos to remember the weekend – you could even get your dog a Coronation celebrations bandana to celebrate the occasion.

Keeping pets safe

Whilst having a fun time with friends and family, it can be all too easy to take your eye off your pet, and outside tables filled with food make easy pickings for pets. It takes just a few seconds for a cheeky paw to reach out, or a curled tongue to wrap around a tasty treat, so try to keep food covered and out of reach of inquisitive noses. When it comes to food there many items that are strictly off the menu for pets such as the delicious chocolate Coronation cake you may have lovingly baked, or a seemingly innocent bowl of nuts and raisins. These foods can be highly toxic if ingested by your pet and could promptly end the celebrations with a trip to a vet. So, it’s important to make sure any pet-unfriendly items are kept strictly out of bounds.

For a list of the most common toxic foods, please click here.

If you suspect your pet may have eaten something they shouldn’t have, immediately contact your local vet for advice.

If the bank holiday looks like it is going to be a hot one, be extra mindful to keep your pets hydrated. Always make sure there is ample water available and shade for them to sit in. You might like to invest in a cooling mat or cooling vest to keep them more comfortable. If you’d like to learn more about keeping pets safe in the sun, check out our post here.

Pets can easily become spooked if they are not usually around groups of excited people, so keep them on a lead if you are concerned, and if they usually wear a muzzle, remember to put it on. Also check to make sure your pet’s microchip has up-to-date information and that they are wearing a collar; it will ensure they are returned home should they get lost.

Doggy-safe Coronation cake!

To make sure your pet doesn’t miss out on all the coronation celebrations, why not try baking your pet their own pet-friendly cakes, truly fit for a four-legged King or Queen? That way, next time you go to sternly say ‘no’ to your fur-baby as they peruse the tempting offerings on the union jack tablecloth, there will actually be something they can safely eat. Just make sure you label their plate!

The PSDA have a great recipe for doggy-safe honey and banana cakes. These handy little cakes can also be frozen, so your pooch can enjoy healthy-sized portions over several months.


As the festivities go on into the night, fireworks are often set off to celebrate a fantastic day with a bang. Did you know there are now silent, pet-friendly fireworks? These can be purchased from many supermarkets or online. If your neighbours are having a private party, maybe politely suggest the silent version to them too?

It’s always best to plan ahead. Keep your cat indoors after dark and create a safe comfortable area for them to hide, should they become anxious. In anticipation of loud fireworks, which may upset your pets, you may like to visit your local pet shop to purchase calming products such as Adaptil for dogs or Feliway for cats. Or if your pet is particularly anxious you may wish to discuss this with your vet and consider a sedative to help them relax. If you’d like to learn more on keeping your pets safe during fireworks displays, why not read our blog post?

Final thoughts

Many groups and organisations found that the late Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee events held in 2022 brought their communities closer and new friendships were formed. Whether you are planning a full-on 3 days of socialising or are just happy to watch the celebrations unfold on TV, the King Charles III’s Coronation celebrations will be a momentous occasion and you will have great memories to talk about for years to come.

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