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Farewell Guide

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In the tender moments of saying goodbye to a beloved pet, we share in the deep emotions and understand the challenges that come with such a loss – and we are here to help. Acknowledging the emotional difficulty of making decisions during this time, we’ve created a free Farewell Guide that draws from our own experiences with pet loss, as well as the addition of a few things you might not have considered.

This planner serves as a guide for you, ensuring that you know what to do when the time comes.

One of the unique offerings we provide is a complimentary Farewell Guide.

This allows you to outline your wishes for your pet upon their passing, including choosing the type of pet cremation and your preferred casket or urn. The planner can then be left with your veterinary practice for future reference.


Are you having having your pet collected from home/the/vet/bringing them in personally?

If your pet has been euthanised at your veterinary practice, your vet should be able to make the final arrangements for you on your behalf. To ensure you receive the service you would like for your pet please inform your vet of your wishes.

If your pet has passed away peacefully at home you can contact us to make the arrangements yourself, we can collect from your vet practice, or you can bring your pet to us directly.

Will you be attending the cremation?

For almost all of our crematoria, you will be able to attend your pet’s cremation (if it is an individual service). Explore your options on our location page to check whether your local CPC site allows attendings.


Have you explored the different cremation options: individual, communal, home burial etc?

Explore our cremations page to find out more about our options for cremations.

Do you have a preference regarding the return of the ashes? If taking them home/scattering them somewhere personal to you, have you considered how you wish to transport/store the ashes?

Ultimately, it is up to you what you do with your pet’s ashes – there are no wrong answers to how you choose to grieve. Some options include keeping them in an urn or casket, or even in jewellery to keep them close. Scatter them in a cherished spot with one of our scattering tubes in a place of significance for you and your pet, or inter them in our Garden of Remembrance for a meaningful tribute. Some clients choose to keep the ashes in a beech casket and when their own time comes it is their wish to be cremated with their pets’ ashes.

If being interred, how would you like to have your pet memorialised?

Some of our owners also find comfort in creating a tribute to their pets. We offer a couple of options, first, you can complete a page for the book of remembrance and return it to the crematorium where your pet was cremated where our team will add your page to our library of tributes.

Alternatively, you can create an online Pet Tribute which will show on our homepage, tributes page and across social media.

Is there a specific location that holds sentimental value for you and your pet that could serve as a memorial site?

If you decide to scatter your pet’s ashes in a place you both cherish, we can offer you a scattering tube to transport your companions’ ashes which is fully biodegradable providing you with the option to bury the scatter tube itself.

Would you like a keepsake to specially honour your pet?

Another popular option is to purchase wearable trinkets that contain a portion of the ashes, or a memorial pendant that is designed to keep your companion forever by your side.

Support system:

Have you identified a pet loss councillor who can offer support during this time if needed?

We understand the emotional impact of losing a beloved pet and recommend seeking the support of a qualified pet loss counsellor if you feel it necessary. While we don’t offer direct counselling services, we have provided some links to the Blue Cross bereavement page to explore.
Blue Cross: Pet bereavement and pet loss https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-bereavement-and-pet-loss offers free and confidential pet loss support via phone, email, or web chat.
Alternatively, copies of ‘Losing a Pet’ – by Jane Matthews which you can purchase via our online shop, and contains warm, practical and reassuring advice during this time.

How will you approach discussing your pet’s passing with children in the family?

Addressing the topic of a pet’s passing with children is undoubtedly delicate. Below are some recommended examples of books that might help children navigate this tricky time and a link to the Blue Cross page with plenty of helpful links and resources that could also help.